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A High School Essay vs. College Papers


Many students got used to writing a simple high school essay, but they can easily adapt to new writing forms when they begin their college journey. Others are at all loss and find it extremely challenging to attend their college classes and work on new academic assignments. They compare their experiences with the past: they used to have excellent grades in high school and now college professor tells you "your essay is not what I expected" or "something is missing in your paper." You believe that your writing style remains the same, you do everything just like before, your arguments sound solid to you, but professors still do not perceive your high school essay as good writing.

Students have to be ready to hear that college standards are different from that of high school and everyone should understand it. However, writing at college is not only about new standards but about something different. Students are obliged to show that they can be different in their writing and do not take the high school essays as the basis of their knowledge. College studying obliges students to work on a new task, and being smarter than everybody else in the group does not guarantee success. The fact that you know much does not mean that you will be able to reflect it in the paper and sound different from others in college essays.

You should remember that college life will be focused merely on completing versatile projects and writing a college essay is just a drop in the ocean. Sometimes you will be asked to summarize the reading materials and prove that you can draw appropriate conclusions and comprehend the context well. Moreover, students in college are often asked to write a reaction paper and interpret the reading from different perspectives. However, the most common assignment will be the analysis of reading and making a specific claim in your paper (a thesis statement), which will prove that you can make up decent arguments and can clearly organize them in the paper. If you did that at school, you should be proud that your teacher prepared you to college studying.