10 March, 2017 in Writing Technologies
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A Brief Writing Style Guide Which is Definitely Going to Help you in College

A Brief Writing Style Guide illustration

All writers have their peculiar writing styles. It is the way authors present information, express their thoughts, and address readers. Each piece of writing has a certain aim. For example, some papers give clear instructions on how to do something, others convince people to take the discussed viewpoint. It is understandable that there are a lot of writers and each of them establishes his/her style. However, there are only four standard categories of writing. It is very important to know all of them in order to prepare superior papers. Take a close look at the following brief writing style guide:

Expository Writing Prompts

Its goal is to explain particular things. The author explores the discussed matter but does not express his/her opinion about it. Such works provide readers with accurate data and concrete facts. This is the most spread writing style. Almost all textbooks and articles giving guidelines on how to do something are written in this style.

The essential features of this style are the following:

  • It often presents figures.
  • It describes step by step how objects work.

Taking into account different writing styles, the one discussed above is used in:

  • Recipes
  • Textbooks
  • News articles
  • Scientific, business, or technical guides

How to Write "Descriptively" ?

The key aim of descriptive writing is to describe the given phenomenon. The author usually gives a detailed description of a certain character, event, situation, etc. It may even contain some poetic elements if the writer wants to highlight something.

Specific Items:

  • Giving vivid details of the described issues, i.e. places, people, situations, etc.
  • It is based on the feeling, tastes, and other perceptions of the writer.
  • It has a poetic character.

Among all writing styles, this one is used in such areas as poetry, fiction works, nature descriptions, and journals.

Narrative Writing Prompts

According to the writing style definition, narrations are aimed at telling us certain stories. Authors use their imagination to create different situations and then show how imaginary characters act in them. Sometimes, a literary composition is told on behalf of a particular character. It is called the first person narration. Such works as novels, biographies, fairy tales and others are written in this style. All narrative pieces of writing answer the question: "What next is going to happen?"

Distinctive features:

  • A story is told by the author.
  • It describes characters and contains dialogues.
  • It can be said that narrative compositions consist of three parts: beginning, climax, and ending.
  • It often presents some conflict situations and shows how it is possible to find a way out of them.

All essay writing styles are applied to certain academic papers. This particular style is used in such pieces as: novels, anecdotes, poems, biographies, etc.

Persuasive Style of Writing

Its primary purpose is to persuade users to take the author's point of view. In this case, it differs from expository writing. In order to make readers take the illustrated point of view, a writer should put forward strong arguments to prove the key point. This style is used in writing complaints, cover letters, newspaper articles, etc. It is also an efficient marketing tool. Thus, it is used to make great commercials.

All types of writing styles have its distinctive features. What are the peculiarities of persuasive writing? Draw your attention to the following:

  • Persuasive writing paper's material should be relevant to the topic. Therefore, it has to present inescapable facts to support the main idea.
  • The author expresses his/her opinion about the examined subject and convinces readers to accept his/her position.
  • It calls users for action. They should become the participants of the described situation.

What pieces of writing have a persuasive character? They are the following:

  • Advertisements
  • Different kinds of reviews. For instance, book, movie, article, festival, etc.
  • Recommendation, complaint, and cover letters.
  • Newspaper articles giving an opinion on certain issues.


Making Up a Conclusion

It is obvious that academic works can be written in different styles. Furthermore, each of them has its subtypes. In order to prepare a good essay, students have to be aware of all their peculiarities. However, if you don't feel like writing an essay yourself, you can easily use our custom writing service to have it written for you! Purchasing an essay is as easy as 1-2-3, moreover, we are available 24/7 so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at any comfortable time!