How Three Rock Music Bands Had Changed the American Music History?

Motown Records was established by Berry Gordy in January 1959, with a loan of $800 that he took from his family. The Detroit-based outfit picked up so fast that within a few years, it was selling more singles and had more hits released than other record companies. The sound of music...

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Essay on A Controversial Musical Experiment

The harsh world of music industry is characterized by severe competition and complicated way towards the love of the public. As the career of musicians is often displayed publicly people tend to see and hear a lot of criticism that musicians have for...

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Essay on Abigail Child Films

Abigail Child has had resounding success in the film making world with the ability of touching and explaining humanity. In her series, “Is This What Your Were Born For?,” Child has managed to...

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Are Tattoos Art? Persuasive Essay

I strongly agree that tattoos are art. It would be crucial first to understand what art entails in order to give a clear description of tattoos as an art. Art entails the creation of images and objects such as paintings...

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Declan Forde’s Performance and Its Impact

Declan Forde is an Irish storyteller, poet and illustrator. He has an amazing talent for telling people about events plainly, yet interestingly.

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