Jefferson in Paris Essay

This is a film set in 1975 that describes Jefferson before the French revolution as an ambassador in Versailles. French intellectual and liberals had high hopes in him that he will lead them out of...

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History Assignment Essay

First of all, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the "Share Our Wealth” has been the plan, implying the following issues: limitation of the size of all fortunes by the government and...

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Nixon’s Visit to China in 1972 Essay

In the early 1970s, the Sino-Soviet split resulted in the further escalation of tensions on the continent. By this time, the Soviet Union had reached a nuclear parity with the United States, which meant that the latter could...

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American History: European Conquest of American Lands

According to Diamond (1997, 12), European colonizers arrived on the American continent in the year 1492. This is when Spanish explorers moved to the west in search of markets for their goods from the Far East. Europeans had a ...

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Al Capone: Historical Facts

Al Capone is the America's widely known gangster and a unique utmost symbol of the downfall of order and law in the U. S. during the period of 1920s’ Ban era. Capone conducted a...

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Native American Indians History Essay: Clothes of American Indians

The clothing of Indians was the important attribute that indicated their traditions, culture, and military experience. Initially, there were various different traditional styles of clothing in...

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