A Human as a Subject and an Object of Art Essay

Human's face reflects the images of different ages and periods. Some people look like Antic statues, while others are similar to the heroes of Renaissance's paintings. The most considerable thing is that every piece of art, just as every person is unique and needs individual analysis and...

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What is Art Essay

Oxford Dictionary (2013) Art refers to an application of human creative skills and imagination in visual forms such as painting, sculpture or photography. Oxford Dictionary (2013) further assert that various forms of artworks such as...

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The Gate Central Park, New York: Essay

The Gate, Central Park, New York is a work of art that represents vinyl structures with orange drapes resting on steel bases that straddled the Central Park pathways in New York City during sixteen February days in...

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The Kimbell Art Museum Essay

Last week I was inspired by the idea to visit an art museum in order to get a rest of the same dreary routine. Being very fond of painting, I had a dream to visit something special, something that will take my breath away. I was advised on visiting the Kimball art museum in Texas. I had high hopes that...

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Zombie Genre Movie: Cultural Work

This essay explores the zombie sub-genre of the horror genre and the signal characteristics and their influence on the larger socio-political setting. The zombie films pose some threats and some sensations which are not..

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Essay on Michelle Obama's Fashion

Why is Michelle Obama a fashion icon? Based on her style, many fashion critics and its lovers generate discussions and dissections on the Internet or even in a newspaper next day. Her fashion is always elegant, classy and...

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