The Kimbell Art Museum Essay

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My Journey to The Kimbell Art Museum

Last week I was inspired by the idea to visit an art museum in order to get a rest of the same dreary routine. Being very fond of painting, I had a dream to visit something special, something that will take my breath away. I was advised on visiting the Kimball art museum in Texas. I had high hopes that this place would well worth a visit.

I had arrived early to visit till it had not been packed with people. When I came the hall was full of people, in spite of this fact there was rather calming than raucous atmosphere. I was really impressed with the surrounding. Everything was a very flamboyant that I did not notice any people which were walking close to me. I was staying for a while and staring intently. I could not believe that in such a tiny building can be something that would enchant me so much.

This enigmatic place was full of sculpture from countries all over the world. First of all, collections of Asian and Pre-Columbian works drew my attention.  It was dazzling display of ancient things and it conjured up images of mystery and exquisite world. The first floor was full of not just such king of sculptures and there were a lot hosting travelling art exhibitions that were as great as other ones. I did not know where to start from and in what way to go in order to observe everything.

I was really observed in watching works that situated next to me and I decided to go and see it for the first time. It was sculpting in clay model created by Bernini as I got to know a little bit later. It was a magnificent sculpture of a lion and it was a huge and powerful one. 

The next gripping and wonderful picture took a half of a wall to be presented, but it was really peaceful and out of ordinary one.  It was something impenetrable and understated at the same time. It was a huge picture that was consisted of four pictures that was great jointed together and pictured the same theme, one part of them led to another with deep sense. At this picture was a shape of a woman that had different pose at these four parts. It was colorful and interesting at the same time. And the main thing that made this exposition so intriguing is two sculptures that were like a frame and underlined all amazing things. A little bit later I found out some extra information about this masterpiece, it was made at the age of Picasso and Matisse. It was modern masters from the art institute of Chicago. “The Kimbell is proud to showcase Chicago’s treasures,” said Eric M. Lee, director of the Kimbell Art Museum. “Some of the great icons of modern art will visit Texas for the first time - paintings like Pablo Picasso’s Old Guitarist and Henri Matisse’s Bathers by a River. And I was proud as well to see a masterpiece of modern art.

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After hours of walking at the first floor I decided to up stare, but after reconsideration I took fifteen minutes to make sure that I had not missed anything to watch and then I went upstairs. I did not expect to see something better than I had seen previously but made a mistake of doing such assumption. In front of me was depicted a powerful picture. It was really ancient and I saw it at once in light of unusual and sometime strange creature. It was a masterpiece made of the Wari civilization. Lords of the Ancient Andes was named this picture.

Close to this picture was placed a golden one. It was a golden picture in literally meaning, in light of usage bright yellow colour with a spot of black one. At this picture was painted women and angels in the shape of babies. This masterpiece was painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner. The director is proud to have this picture in this collection, because many visitors come back in order to watch at this picture once again.

I chose the Kimbell art museum and I should say I really satisfied with my choice. The person who advised me this museum did not overrate this place. I strongly recommend this place to visit. It is not time-consuming activity, it is a fruitful source of positive emotions and therapeutic activity that will give a peaceful feeling and reduce your stressful life. Moreover, after visiting this place with a special atmosphere, make sure that you will become a real culture vulture and will not miss any exposition that will present at this building. This exhibition offers you precious minutes of relaxation and enrich your imagination.