Summary Overview Essay: Paradise Lost

The story begins in hell, where Satan and his followers came to as a shelter after they were defeated in the war with God. Recovering, they build a...

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Business for the Glory of God: Brief Book Review

This paper presents a review of the book by Wayne Grudem. The book reveals quite a new vision on the business in relation to glorifying God. The author points out that...

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When the Christ Comes: Overview

Max Lucado in his book When Christ Comes brings a new perspective to the final Christians’ experiences upon Christ’s return. The book tries to dispel the fear most Christians and non-Christians have about the second...

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The Gentle Lena: Book Overview

“The Gentle Lena” is a part of the trilogy written by famous American writer Gertrude Stein, who “was a major innovator, one of the leading figures in American literary modernism” (Gray 400). The short story deals with the description of Lena’s life – the German girl, who...

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Living at the Edge: Book Review

“Living at the Edge: Religion, Capitalism, and the End of the Nation-State in Taiwan” by Robert P. Weller is an article talking about life in Taiwan. As the author states, Taiwan sits at the...

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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, an interesting story by Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish renowned writer, narrates an ordeal of a man, Dr. Jekyll, who finds a way of...

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