Summary Overview Essay: Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost

The story begins in hell, where Satan and his followers came to as a shelter after they were defeated in the war with God. Recovering, they build a palace called the Pandemonium; there they are deciding on their further actions. They want to create a new world with their own rules and defeat the world that God created. At the gates of hell, Satan meets his offspring, Sin and Death. He, however, decides to undertake his mission alone. He travels around the universe and sees the paradise. God also sees Satan and hears that he threatens people to destroy their world. The God’s son says he wants to sacrifice himself for the sake of all people. At the same time, Satan flies to the sun where he discovers a new universe and tricks an angel Uriel so that he shows him the way to the man’s home.

Satan enters the Garden of Eden, finds there Adam and Eve and speaks to them. But Uriel secures them and tells that this is Satan, this is the enemy of God who created them and they should not listen to him. Satan comes to earth and looks for a serpent. He enters the garden and comes to Eve who is alone and seduces her to taste a fruit from the tree that God has forbidden her to touch. Adam comes to them and tastes it too. Their innocence is lost. They become hostile to each other and are ashamed of their appearance. The Son of God descends to Earth and judges the sinners but He does not make death sentences promising that He will be back.

Satan and his offspring are happy because they think that they finally made God and all the people that he created suffer and in this way he defeated God and now the world will be covered with darkness and all the people will suffer. But he does not take into account the real power of God and forgets that that was God who created him and his offspring once. So God turns him and his offspring into serpents and makes them suffer.

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