Business for the Glory of God: Brief Book Review

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Business for the Glory of God

This paper presents a review of the book by Wayne Grudem. The book reveals quite a new vision on the business in relation to glorifying God. The author points out that all the components of business are part of the divine plan for all mankind. Each chapter of the book discloses a particular business component, which is criticized according to the Bible teachings. Grudem stresses that all nine aspects should be balanced in the business otherwise any abuse would lead to serious consequence. A theme of poverty, which is also highlighted in the book, is believed to be the biggest problem in the world.

The author optimistically believes that it can be resolved in case if everyone in the world would lead the business according to God's plan.The main idea of the book is the following: all business aspects can glorify God if they are applied in harmony. Any of the features cannot be abused. Moreover, business should be led honestly, transparently and with trust. When business unites people, can teach them to look for compromises, to keep the word, to support each other and never give up, this is the business which glorifies God. All other methods, which are applying dishonest, mistreat and deceit, are a pure evil and would be punished accordingly.

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