A Human as a Subject and an Object of Art Essay

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Human's face reflects the images of different ages and periods. Some people look like Antic statues, while others are similar to the heroes of Renaissance's paintings. The most considerable thing is that every piece of art, just as every person is unique and needs individual analysis and examination. When I was learning the History of Art, I was imagining myself as a person who lived in a certain period. If a piece of art was really exciting, I had a feeling of presence in the painting or architectural building. These feelings have pushed me to think about my position as a subject of admission in the painting, advertising and photograph.

When I was looking at my face, I was imagining the period of Classicism. Classicism is a return back to Rome and Greece. Its perfect lines and shadows demonstrate mastery and magnificence. A severe naturalness and noble excellence seem to be out of time and space. Art of this time is formal, balanced and completed. Classical ideal is a temple, given to follow it and to use it as a perfect variant of art's evaluation. Essentially, classical art is reflected best in architecture and music, but I imagine myself to be a person from Heinrich Fuger's paintings. I realize that my face is not perfect or paradigmatic for Classicism, nevertheless, it is the only image coming up to my mind. An artist, who would draw a picture of me, would not be famous worldwide. He would be one of the unappreciated geniuses, whose works are extremely beautiful to be liked by the crowd. Nobody would firstly like this painting as it would not be usual or common. Sad unsmiling faces in the moody background would not be the creations of that artist. I would draw myself as a representative of the aristocracy of the seventeenth century. I would portray myself as a young lady with pale skin and long thin fingers, who would be reading a book in a garden of a huge country seat. This lady would be sitting on the wooden bench all alone in the rays of summer's sun in the surrounding of beautiful trees, flowers and bushes. Her green eyes would represent peace and tranquility combined with mysterious depth. She would be dressed in casual but elegant long white dress, and her silky light hair would sparkle in the sun. She would hide from the external world in the secret corner of the garden reading the book while servants would be looking for her. The black color would be absent altogether. Such a painting is not similar to any other painting of Classicism and Antic art. Perhaps, art simply should not be well-timed. This painting would present purity and concentration. It would make people forget about some outer social and political issues even if they seem to be important.

The painting will remind of some important values, such as solitude and spiritual development overall. Linear perspective would make this painting more extensional, real, in-depth and thoughtful. The painting would have some shared features with Impressionism, especially with its brightness, saturation and neutrality. For example, its background would look like a masterpiece "Garden" by Claude Monet. Another side of my portrait would fit Classicism's features. I would be drawn as a rich inheritress, who has a birthday fandango. She would not smile and look alive as in the previous picture On the contrary, she would look like an old woman in the expensive dress and fashioned hairstyle. The powder on her face would hide her youth and beauty. She would be presented as a noble aristocratic, hating life and people surrounding her. This painting would be appreciated as a temple of the highest mastery and talent. The author of this painting would have authority and consideration. He would give people something they think they need. The painting would satisfy the requirements of the time as it would represent the supremacy of grand people's privileged position. According to this painting, a portrait of a noble would be a human etalon.

If I were photographed, it would definitely be a monochrome type. I think, black and white photography can express feelings much better than colorful pictures. Black and white, as shades of gray, can give a valuable contrast and dancing shadows. Thousands of photographers can take great colorful photos, but only talented professional can be the masters of monochrome photographs. However, in my case, the photography would be made by an amatory, who simply wants to catch a moment of joy and happiness and make it live in the photograph. However, this photograph would be extemporaneous and incidental. These kinds of photograph contain much more true emotions than posed ones, though great photographers like Yousuf Carsh manage to combine sincerity and expression in posted pictures. I would be dressed in an old shirt and worn-out jeans. I would wear no make-up and my hair would be slightly messy. I would be throwing a pillow at the person who is holding the camera. The photograph may seem to be retro, though it would be made in our time.

If I were a photographer myself, I would work within the nude style of photography. Even ancient Greeks appreciated the beauty of the human body. Numerous statues demonstrate nude people who were physically developed as an attractive appearance was a sign of a beautiful soul. Gods loved these people and the life was running through their veins. Nude people and naked people are two different notions. Naked people feel embarrassed and unprotected without clothes, while nude people demonstrate grace, confidence and purity. The main difficulty of making photographs in nude style is that it transforms a human body, which is not always perfect and attractive, into a subject of art. The accent is made of light and shadows instead of clothes or other accessories. It is also important to make a photograph have soft traits of eroticism without vulgarity. It is not easy to make this task come true, that is why I would like to achieve it. Besides, it proves that beauty is inside of us, not outside as we usually think. Art is not only in excellence and incompleteness - it may be hidden in the things that seem to be ugly at first sight. The photographs would whisper to the world (not shout) that everyone is beautiful. A professional photographer should help people to discover their beauty. I may also say, "Look how beautiful you are." Unfortunately, not everybody admires pictures depicting nude people. Some people have many complexities linked to their bodies, so that a nude body does not seem to be attractive to them. Many religions declare that a body is sinful. Even if it was true, sinfulness would still be an interesting subject of art. Self-sufficient people would not feel embarrassed because of being nude. Nude is something underlining human's soul, which is undoubtedly amazing.

As mentioned above, light is extremely important. It plays a major role in making black and white photographs. An interaction between lights and shadows would be carefully considered in the photograph. The contrast would be used as a significant tool. The only window in the room, where the photograph would be made, will be the only source of light. White shorts and white sheets would contrast with black curly hair and dark background. This picture would be a symbol of candidness and purity. This would not send a noisy message to the world. The photograph would be a demonstration of joy and liveliness, which can hardly be found in daily life.

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When I imagine an advertisement that would present me, I realize that considerable changes would not be made. Indeed, humans always improve and change. Possibly, I would change some outer features, but the most significant part of my character has already formed. My essence would not change. I am not perfect and I have to work on myself, but I accept my completeness. On the “Advertising Horizon”, I would fall on section Entertainment Lifestyle, Fine Arts or Poets and Animals.

Advertising affects people's unconsciousness, trying to cheat consciousness. Advertising makes customers believe that services or goods demonstrated in an advertisement would satisfy some people's needs. For example, the need to dominate, the need for sex, the need for authority, and many others. What concerns me, I am affected by this dangerous tool like millions of other customers. However, I understand that advertising is made to manipulate people's minds; therefore, I try to control my thoughts, analyze the situation and think critically. Advertisers try to make us believe that if we buy something, it would become a solution to all our problems; this is the way advertisers try to control our unconsciousness. I am amazed by some advertisements with children, animals and successful wealthy people; it makes me feel worried and excited, rising my emotions at the highest rate. I am also impressed by advertisements that contain poetry or other pieces of art.

The idea of Thomas Frank's counterculture rebellion has some true points; however, it still demands significant evidence. I am not in the context of cultural jamming because I understand that advertising is vital for further business development. I think, some advertising should not be shown publically and some should not manipulate consumers' behavior. People should control the flow of advertising and receive it critically. Business can disappear in case advertising disappears. Advertising cannot be replaced; it is a strong trigger and a tool for business development. Identity outside and inside the market would not lead to positive consequences. Diversity is some kind of freedom, identity is dependence. Myth about individualism may influence my image and attitude towards my own self because I prefer individual than a group. Art is a unified work of individuals; large groups of people are only viewers. I realize that technologies have become necessary for people and people dedicate their lives to the development and creation of some technologies. I am not one of them, but I realize that technologies are irreplaceable parts of every person's life. Regarding bipolar thinking, it has always been a basis of every western person's thinking. Nowadays, people should not choose between the contradictions and try to find the "golden middle" and wisdom in all situations and circumstances. I cannot call myself a victim of bipolar thinking, though the worldview is grounded on it. I have my mind to control my thinking and improve it.

To conclude, paintings, photographs and advertising of my image significantly differ from each other. I am not a static person; I always try to broaden my outlook as much as possible. I have no main tendency in my character or behavior. My perception of art is full of contradictions and contraries. I cannot imagine myself as one of all kinds or types of art; my personality is a synthesis of variable elements and periods. Some points of my view are similar to the values learned and analyzed in a classroom. Thus, I perceive art as a special form of world understanding on highly intellectual and creative levels. A human being is both a creator, subject of art, and its object. Art is a destiny of individuals who have personal opinions and critical thinking. People may live without art, but a life like this would not make any sense.