History Assignment Essay

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First of all, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the "Share Our Wealth” has been the plan, implying the following issues: limitation of the size of all fortunes by the government and confiscation the rest of the fortune if it exceeds the limit, set by the government. The annual income rate guaranteed for every family is $2,500 and for estate - $5,000. These amounts of money were considered to be enough for the following vital needs’ satisfaction: purchasing the auto, the house and the radio.

In the timeframe of one year after the Share Our Wealth has been founded, 27,000 clubs have been boasted by the organization. The total quantity of the names, contained in the files, has reached 8 million.

The members of the Democratic National Committee have been shuddered at polls, which were showing that in 1936 up to 4 million have been caught by the Huey Long. This quantity of the voices has been enough for putting the Republican in the White House. In the end of 1935, Huey Long has been shot to death in the corridors of the Louisiana capitol by the disgruntled constituent.

While referring to the positive impact of the Share Our Wealth program for the Roosevelt's New Deal program, it is possible to state a fact that Long’s program has been the background for the New Deal.

Among ten key achievements of the Roosevelt's New Deal program, it is possible to outline the following: National Labour Relations Act, which has guaranteed the right of labour; Social Security Act, implying the unemployment compensation for old age pensions; and the fact that the utility companies have been provided with the low-interest loans (Powerpoint, Ch. 25).

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