Everything You Should Know about Book Report Format

Book Report Format: Main Guidelines

Book Report Format: Helpful Tips and Guidelines

If students want to share their opinions about the assigned readings with teachers and peers, they should choose book report format. This format allows a certain degree of flexibility, although students should be familiar with the conventions of this paper type. To create a well-structured book report, follow the simple outline.

What is a Book Report?

You are probably asking yourself, ‘What is a book report?’ This exercise is typically assigned to high school or college students to encourage them to read and analyze a particular book. As you can see from an MLA format book report sample on our website, a book report consists of a brief book summary, which has to mention the key ideas of the book. Check out our sample book report format to learn more about the components of a typical book report. Book reports can also describe a sequence of events and include illustrations.

A well-written sample book report format shows that the aim of this paper type is to describe the central idea of the book by relying on the facts and plot as well as a succinct description of the characters. A typical APA format book report differs from a book review in that it focuses on providing a realistic and unbiased description of the events that unfold in the assigned readings.

The Basics of Book Report Formats

There are different book report formats and students are not always sure which information they should provide and which outline to follow. The format for writing a book report influences which information is important and which is to be omitted. Mind this is you are working on a book report format high school assignment. In other words, a student who knows how to format a book report has higher chances of getting a good grade. Here are some of the basic guidelines you should follow:

  • Start the discussion by providing the title and the genre of the book, the author’s name, and the date the book was published.
  • Include a brief summary of the plot, theme, and the settings.
  • The body paragraphs should discuss the characters and the plot of the book in more detail. Focus on the character development by paying particular attention to the experience that transformed them.
  • The closing paragraph of an APA book report format should summarize the main ideas and the new knowledge you gained. You can also say if you recommend this book to others.
  • A proper book report format requires you to use a suitable structure and organization: divide information into paragraphs, avoid passive voice, include topic sentence to help readers follow your line of thinking, etc.

Some Additional Information to Consider

The format of a book report requires students to be ruthless about removing information that is not critical. Yet, at the same time you have to make sure you included the following:

  • Say why you chose this particular book after you introduced it. Have you read other books of this author? Do you like this genre? What or who influenced your choice?
  • Conclusion should not only summarize the main ideas of the report but also provide your personal reflection on the topic(s) and theme(s) in the book. For example, does the protagonist remind you some people you know? Is the plot realistic? Would you act differently if you were in the same circumstances as the characters were?
  • Writing a book report format also means that you have to include ample evidence, such as quotes. The citation style depends on the requirements, but if your tutor did not specify this, you can use MLA.

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Mind the Course-Specific Requirements

MLA format for book report recommends making your book report personalized by adding sharing your experience or adding similar details. However, make sure you check the paper instructions your professor provided. Sometimes tutors prefer some very specific format and their requirements are rather strict, so you have to make sure you follow their guidelines if you want to receive a high grade. The requirements concern not only the outline to follow but also what kind of information to include in each paragraph, so be sure to specify that.

Formatting a Book Report According to MLA

Once you figured out how to organize a book report, consider such aspect as formatting a book report. The most commonly used formatting style is that proposed by the Modern Language Association (MLA). High-school and college teachers assign this formatting style most frequently but it is better to check the requirements form your teacher.

If you use MLA, consider the following:

  • The font you should use is Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced.
  • You do not have to create a separate title page but include your name the tutor’s name, as well as the course and date at the top left of the 1st page.
  • The title has to be centered.
  • Number the pages. Include your last name before the page number.

Find a more detailed explanation of this formatting style on the official MLA website.

Demonstrate Your Style

If you are allowed some degree of freedom because your teacher does not provide any specific requirements to the paper, be creative and make use of different expressive means, such as catchy headings and quotes. This will teach you to think critically about what you read.

Book Report Format College Students Should Use

There is a specific book report format college students should use. Check out a sample book report format for more details.

Mind the difference between format and formatting. The former refers to the paper structure while the letter is the citation style you should use in your paper (MLA).

A typical book report for college will be one or two pages long excluding the title page. Use 1-inch margins and 12pt font.

If you have enough time to write a book report, you will definitely enjoy this task. Besides, the more you prepare, the easier it will be for you to actually write. So take your time!