Are Cell Phones Dangerous?


Cell phones have become the greatest invention in this 21st century and have occupied better parts of the daily life of each member of a society. Ranging from corporate to research institutions and organizations, it is an obvious truth that having a cell phone has continued to benefit some aspects of people’s lives. For instance, through cell phones, distribution of communication has become easier, especially compared to the previous years. Besides enhancing communication, cell phone has been used for other functions such as playing games, chatting through internet, and relaxing with music, among others. However, the manner in which cell phone has become an addictive device among the general population, especially the young people, has continued to raise concern on the effects of using such devices too much. This is due to the fact that most people, normally, are enticed by the benefits of cell phones thereby not realizing the negative effects associated with the usage of cell phones.

Cell phone usage, especially over a long period of time, is dangerous to our health. While we are in a high-tech world where these technologies have become necessities because of their beneficial functionality, people tend to use cell phones in chatting or talking with each other for long hours which is dangerous to our health. This adverse effect is attributed to the dangerous waves which are being transmitted from the cell phones in the process of communication. According to Ethereal (1), the radiation waves that emanate from cell phones are dangerous to human physical body, especially for heart and brain.


Recent research studies have noted that overusing the cell phone is dangerous to people’s health as it seriously damages the brain. This statement is supported by the fact that an individual might experience headaches after talking over the cell phone for a longer period of time. The cause of such headache is usually the effect of radiation waves as they result into poor memory of the brain. Normally, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), a dangerous energy wave, is produced when modern appliances, worst of them all - a cell phone, is used. It has been discovered that it is more likely for people who use cell phones to have attention span disorders like ADD and ADHD (Ethereal 1). Consequently, using the cell phone too much has the negative effect of causing depression and difficulty falling asleep. Moreover, the worst effect of using a cell phone is associated with the damage it causes to the immune system, thereby causing leukemia, eye cancers, and brain tumors among other genetic diseases.

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As pointed out by Ethereal (1), human beings, especially those between 8 and 16 years, normally have thinner and smaller skulls which can easily be penetrated by radiation waves especially when they are exposed to them over a long period of time. This exposure may be a result of keeping a cell phone near our body, either placing them under the pillow cases when sleeping, or near our ears when talking or enjoying videos and music. Due to the thinner and smaller nature of the young peoples’ skulls, these dangerous waves are able to penetrate the bone and are being absorbed by the slim bone structures and retained. However, the same effect applies to those above 16 years when they are exposed more to the radiation waves transmitted by cell phones. Because of this harmful effect of a cell phone to human health, indeed, a cell phone is a dangerous technological device.

A cell phone is also dangerous in the sense that it causes a lot of deaths in road accidents when it is being used by the driver while driving. In a study report provided by Britt, it was noted that in the United States alone, cell phone distraction results into 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries on an annual basis. This evidence is supported by the fact that cell phone users’ reaction time normally slows down drastically especially when they receive sensational and emotional information. As a result, cell phone users, especially drivers, are normally at high risk of causing accidents. In the same aspect, drivers who are on phone while driving are found to be slower to react to brake lights while they also find it difficult to regain the speed they had lost when braked. It means that such a driver is not able to get back to the normal traffic flow thereby causing an impediment to the general traffic flow. This can result into more accidents. Therefore, since these accidents are caused by using cell phones while driving results into more deaths and accidents, indeed, cell phones are dangerous.

On the other hand, cell phones has made communication much easier and quicker in the expense of limiting human to human interaction which is essential for any functional society or community. It is a dangerous plot deployed by the usage of cell phones as it results in a lot of mistrust, bureaucracy, and irresponsibility. In the previous years, telephones were used to convey important messages to certain individuals who owned telephones too. Issues would be discussed directly around the table by relevant individuals. But, presently, cell phones which are owned by both parents and children have limited this face to face communication thereby opening an avenue for irresponsibility and mistrust. For instance, today parents use cell phones when at work in reminding their children to study at school, but not directly being there and doing it personally. As a result, cell phones have continued to create a sense of selfishness and irresponsibility in the society. This has affected the normal social standing of the society.

Moreover, a cell phone can be used in ways which can dangerously affect the moral aspect of an individual or a society. Because of its efficiency, a cell phone can dangerously disturb individual’s privacy. A good example is an instance where it is used in bad faith by bandits who use its camera application for taking girls’ pictures at swimming pools or public places then spreading those images through the internet. In doing so, a cell phone damages not only the associated girls’ reputation, but that of the public place as well.

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Although using cell phones is dangerous to our health and the entire society at large, there are various ways in which we can protect and prevent ourselves from such inflicting effects. From the above evaluation, it is obvious that any individual who uses a cell phone is at risk. While it has been 100% proven that the only way to reduce the harmful effects associated with using cell phones is by stopping the usage of this device at all, this cannot be achieved as this device has admirable and essential advantages. It therefore requires solutions beyond this.

Avoiding holding cell phones next to the body by placing any call on speaker, can reduce the penetration and further effects of transmitted EMR. In addition, cell phone usage among children should be limited. Another important thing to do is to ensue that drivers avoid the use of a cell phone when driving. More significantly, people should be warned to only make short calls via these devices.


In conclusion, a cell phone is an essential device in this technological era which must be used cautiously as it proves to be dangerous for human health and societal behavior. While it is difficult to change people’s minds about using cell phones, one is able to reduce and prevent their dangerous impact by implementing even a few of outlined solutions to cell phone usage.