Essay on Gun Education in Schools


Ask anyone about their thoughts relating to guns and schools, the answer will be no, no, no. Most people believe firearms have no place in high schools because of the past exemplary instances in some of our schools. However, I believe guns should be given a chance in schools. This is mainly because children are always curious, and the only way to satisfy their curiosity is to address it down to the point. By doing so, the gun’s mystery in a child’s mind will be transformed into the ordinary subject. Therefore, introducing gun education into the high school curricula is beneficial.

Gun Education will Solve the Numerous Puzzles Children have about Guns

Children tend to be mischievous and curious, thus prefer trying out new, forbidden things and ignore the ordinary. Guns are just like sex; everyone supports sex education because it enables children to know the idea behind it, along with its benefits and consequences. Children are advised to either abstain or have a safe sex. Similarly, I find nothing wrong with having gun education. All that is needed is to make children understand the mechanisms behind guns, their intended uses, and consequences of using them aimlessly. For instance, the unpleasant reactions people have by the mention of guns have made young people curious. They often want to use the things many people are afraid of; and scare away their enemies, like bullies, for an example.

Ordinary stuff is often boring, and making guns known to the high school children will undoubtedly make them normal, hence not much sought.

Gun Education in School will Cut down Accidental Injuries and Deaths

Today, people believe that someone holding a gun is more powerful than those having no guns. The one in possession of a gun can order people around, and all he wants will be done. This situation promotes dictatorship and, in some circumstances, can cause unwanted deaths or accidents. For example, a student may try this game out with an aim of being seen as more powerful; in which case, he can cause serious accidents or even deaths to the others. These situations can be avoided if gun education is offered in high schools. Every student will be aware of guns, and the conditions placed will not enable them to carry guns around as they would know, how to act in response. However, in case of any danger, they will be able to protect themselves from any possible accidents since they understand the operative mechanism behind guns.

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Again, since all the students will be aware of guns, it will be part of their curricula and something rather normal; hence paying much attention to the idea of using them for outrageous reasons will be a thing of the past.

Gun Education will Promote the Idea of Gun not being Used as a Weapon

Introducing gun education in high schools ensures that children are often monitored by their educators. Close monitoring will enable identification of various reactions of children towards weapons. In many circumstances, guns have been seen as weapons, used for protection. It is essential for the educators to incorporate the ideas of not utilizing guns as weapons into the curricula; and with this, children can outgrow the notion of always considering guns as dangerous weapons. Keeping guns as a secret and forbidden for children only illustrates how dangerous they are considered. Some children prefer to use the dangerous things to scare their enemies away, in which case these are mostly weapons.

However, if children are informed in schools about guns and the responsible ways of handling them, such situations will not be experienced.


Ordinary is boring, hence putting a child on a firing range with conditions will oblige him, and get unexciting. However, there are children, who can get interested, and this is the point where close monitoring is needed. Having guns remain a mystery make them seem powerful, and children would like to try out powerful things. Addressing such situations early is substantial, where children are given certain codes of conduct with regards to guns. Just like sex education, if children are well equipped with familiarity and knowledge about guns, they will be able to think about them in more responsible perspectives.

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