Illegal Immigrants Receiving Social Services


The United States is a land of opportunity. Therefore, thousands of people immigrate to the USA every year to fulfill their dreams. However, some people immigrate illegally, which is against the immigration law. Such illegal immigrants should not receive social services. The following paper provides arguments against social facilities to the illegal immigrants in the United States.


Recent studies show that the numbers of illegal immigrants are increasing in the US day by day. In 2012, the Obama administration invested a large amount of money into developing different immigration programs. According to the report, the majority of the illegal immigrants come from Mexico, Latin America, and Central America. Most of these immigrants work in the construction, farming, and industrial sectors for low wages. As result, it becomes difficult for the American citizens to find a job in different sectors. Some scholars believe that the illegal immigrant workers hinder American economical development. Pennsylvania State Senator Joe Scarnati says, “Pennsylvania residents should not be asked to sacrifice their hard-earned dollars to support those who have entered this country illegally” (n.p.). He believes that the illegal immigrants cause social and economical issues in different communities. Thus, he introduced new legislations in the Senate that prohibit illegal immigrants to receive social benefits (Scarnati).

Moreover, social experts believe that illegal immigration increases poverty. In some American states, government provides healthcare and housing facilities to all people including the illegal immigrants. As a result, the states need to invest more funds into social welfare, and it causes economical issues. Social expert Audrey Gatt says, “illegal immigrants increase poverty and it reduce the amount of essential items, such as food, clothing, water and shelter” (n.p.). Moreover, the U.S. Census Board reported that the poverty rate in Mexico and Latin America decreased in 2004. On the other hand, it increased in the U.S. between 2001 and 2004 due the rise of illegal aliens. Gatt reported that these illegal laborers are often unskilled or uneducated. Hence, they cause different safety issues or other damages. In addition, reports show that the companies boost their profit levels by employing illegal labors. Also, these labors do not pay income tax to the government. Hence, it affects the economical condition of the U.S. states. Furthermore, if the government provides social facilities to the illegal immigrants, then senior citizens or some other American communities may not get enough benefits. Sheriff of Butler County, Richard Jones, says, “There are American senior citizens that should have these benefits and do not because illegal aliens are sucking the system dry” (n.p.).

Social experts reported that the illegal laborers reduced the bargaining power of local workers who get limited salaries and wages. Besides, such workers make second-class citizens who receive fewer benefits and have poorer quality of life. As a result, government organizations need to pay for the education or welfare by consuming taxpayers’ funds of legal Americans. The Sterling District Supervisor of Loudoun County, Eugene Delegaudio, says, “Illegal immigration is taking a greater and greater toll on this community” (n.p.). He believes that the state and federal law enforcement departments are responsible for the economical issues. Often, these departments reward lawbreakers by providing free taxpayer services. Delegaudio added that the law enforcement department makes unfair decisions by providing insufficient funds to the people who obey the laws. Furthermore, studies show that the illegal immigrants often involve in gang crimes and antisocial activities. Hence, government indirectly supports these criminals by providing additional funds. If the state’s social service organizations avoid helping illegal immigrants, then the crime rates, overcrowding, and poverty will reduce in the United States. Therefore, government policy makers should make strict rules against illegal aliens (Delegaudio).


Illegal immigration is a burning problem in the United States. It affects daily lives of the American citizens who are legal taxpayers. Hence, such immigrants should not receive social services. Studies show that the illegal aliens increase poverty, crime rate, and other anti-social activities. Also, the regular tax payers or senior citizens cannot receive state benefits, because the major part of their funds go to the welfare of illegal immigrant communities. Moreover, most of the illegal laborers are uneducated or unskilled. As a result, they may cause serious accidents at workplace. In addition, some factories and industries increase their profits by employing illegal workers for a low wage. Nevertheless, illegal immigrants reduced the bargaining powers of local American workers. Hence, government authorities should take a strict action to control illegal immigration. The states should stop providing social welfare services to the illegal aliens.