Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned


Tobacco smoking is quiet spread nowadays. Scientists all over the world prove the harm of this habit. However, people still smoke and consciously harm their body.

  • Cigarette smoking is the reason of 90 percent of all lung cancers and heart deceases. It is in the top of death rate among other drug-addictive manners;
  • Smoking is a popular brand created by the advertisement. It is a powerful mechanism that makes people believe it to be cool. Moreover, it is a bad example for children. The harm on the young generation is enormous since their body only forms;
  • Smoking among women is a reason of bad demographical situation and of the birth of ill and immature babies;
  • Illegal smoking (contraband) is a way to go away from taxes and decrease national economic;
  • Smoking is very expensive and takes a big part of the average budget;
  • Public health provides secondhand smoking which is as hazardous as an active one;
  • Smoking lessens the life of a longtime smoker for 10 years.

Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned?

Nowadays, cigarette smoking is a controversial question. A lot of people debate this topic and numerous conclusions were made about it. However, according to the individual right for privacy, people are free to harm themselves. Everyone is a master of one’s life. As positive features of cigarettes come short of negative, smoking should be banned as much as possible in accordance to human rights.

It goes without saying that smoking is hazardous for the health. It was proved by a lot of professionals and scientists. Cigarettes consist of four thousands chemicals, and sixty nine of them are cancer-causing. Human life is too valuable to waste it only for a minute pleasure. Moreover, cancer is a real decease that ends millions of life every year all over the world. According to Centers of Deceases Control and Prevention (CDC), the tobacco-related mortality through United States is one of each five deaths, 443 thousand people per year. This numbers impress. Thus, smoking is a direct reason for most of the lung cancer deaths. Furthermore, smoking harms almost every working body system and is the heaviest factor of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is the reason for emphysemas, chronic bronchitis, liver cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, provoker of other illnesses.

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Smoking is a cause of unpleasant appearance. Nobody wants to be ugly. Everyone strives to impress people from the positive sight. Well-known fact is that people’s first impression depends on the physical appearance, and only later they judge the person by its inner beauty. Therefore, the consequences of smoking are yellow teeth and yellow fingers. Bad smell from the mouth after the cigarette is inappropriate for the communicative person or person who wants to be highly regarded in society. However, this appearance factors show themselves after years of smoking. It is the sign from the organism that smoking disorders the inner structures and the body changes under such impacts.

Smoking is a bad example for the next generation as well. A lot of parents take care about their kids. Moreover, they are the main people in the child’s life, and often children take bad example from them. If the father smokes, why can not child. From the early years of life, children start to differentiate bad and good. As parents are on the top of their respect, they take the example from them. A lot of families nowadays can not have a healthy baby, or can not simply get pregnant. Babies can die before they are born, born prematurely, born with a high blood pressure and heart or lung deceases. Cigarettes consist of bad chemicals, thus when the woman smokes during pregnancy, toxic chemicals get into the bloodstream, which is the only way of baby’s oxygen and food. Babies, whose parents smoke are at risk to born with the cardiac defect, learning disorders, lower IQ and behavioral problems. There are no such parents that wish their baby has such health troubles. It is a great tragedy, when the woman becomes in the trap of her bad habit and can not become a mother and live a proper family life.

Another problem connected with cigarettes and children is an impact of mass media. The wave of smoking popularity in the youth is provoked by the image of the cool people with an alcohol and a cigarette in the hands, living life at the full swing. Youth believe this fashion to be cool without a thought that it is dangerous for health. Such fashion is a creation of advertisement. Movie makers, popular and rap singers made it cool and interesting for children and youth. This category of people are easy to influence, pliant and do not have constant life principles. They see it on the television, in the films, videos in the Internet, on the streets. Under this impact, the opinion of the coolness easily forms. If the mass media works for the well-being of people any type of smoking propaganda should be avoided.

Young girls with overweight started to smoke. People with health problems would not get better by smoking. Girls and woman want to become thinner and start to smoke because smoking helps loss weight. The process of weight loss happens because of depletion of the useful matters. Smoking engenders the lack of vitamins. Girls become thinner by the cost of their natural beauty as the healthy hair, teeth, mouth smell, nails, skin and general well-being of the body. Popular stereotype that skinny girls are cool, healthy and happy is substituted by the stereotype that smoking would help to become thinner without health damage.

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Nowadays, a lot of people want to cope with this habit. The addictiveness to this drug is higher than alcohol and marijuana. The power of will sometimes does not let people get rid of smoking. Nervous atmosphere at the work, stresses, and troubles in life are the factors for people’s slim excuses. The addictive power of the drug prevails, thus if one has a poor will it is better to not even start smoking. Tobacco-addiction is both mental and physical. It is a modern kind of slavery. In order to get rid of it people need emotional support, strong motivation, wish, and changing of personal habits. There are different nicotine replacement programs created to help people turn away the cigarette. It is dangerous and addictive drug that makes people take the poison over and over again.

Smoking industry is a large system nowadays. A lot of mechanisms work for it. Gross advertisement all over the world, total popularity of this product made the cigarette companies billionaires. Big companies earn money on people’s health and weakness. This business is not kind of clear. The manufacturing is situated all over the world and mostly in poor regions to lessen the cost of work process and get great amounts of money as a result. In the Canada illegal manufacturing of tobacco is prosperous. Contraband tobacco goes into the hands of youth because of low cost. It is an illegal business and money from it often go to organized crime, and the tax system gains nothing. Money from the taxes is divided into different spheres as education, health care.

Cigarettes were chosen for contraband because it is an expensive product. Contraband cigarettes are popular because nowadays companies should pay great taxes, but they still want to earn money on it. Contraband is cheaper. Smoking nowadays became a privilege for people since it can noticeably devastate the budget of a smoker. People spend money to harm their health, when monthly amount of cigarette-money can be spend for upgrading of the house, new toys for the child, gym membership, journeys abroad, etc. People are not able to buy something they always dream about, but always find money for this hazardous habit. Total revision of the budget can impress and make person change his mind and get rid of this habit. Cigarette smoking is only illusion of the delight. People satisfy his hunger only for a little time than the new amount of money should be spend to avoid such hunger. According to CDC statistics, passive or secondhand smokers are also under the damage of smoking impact. More then 49 thousands of secondhand smokers die every year in the United States. Environmental tobacco smoke causes heart attacks and lung cancer. From such a perspective smoking should be banned in public places. The health and rights of other people should be respected. Of course, not everyone takes into consideration all the harm that smoking brings, but the private life is another sphere, public places are created for the rest of everyone. Common rules would measure the areas of smokers to separate it from non smokers. It also harms children they do not have to suffer from somebody’s wish to cope with tobacco hunger. People with asthma are in special danger because walking in the park should be safe for their health, they should be sure that the smoke would not cause the asthmatic attack. Banning of smoking in public would give a chance to the person to break up smoking, without an enticement.


It is scientifically proved that smoking takes years off your life, and now a new study shows the quantity of years people are probable to lose. Chronic smokers can lose approximately ten years of life expectancy. Those people who give up smoking before 35 can avoid it by leading a healthy lifestyle. However, the damage of the organism is impossible to prevent if you are a smoker. Person can get back only five years of his life. People became smarter and start quitting smoking since in the end of the twentieth century changed from about 40 percent to 20. Nowadays, the half of smokers stopped it at the different ages, and starts a new, prosperous life. The thought that the person can lose 10 years of expected life is horrible. Every day of our life is valuable. People all over the world have different disorders, and they fight for their life every day. Life is the most valuable thing. Its duration depends only from us.

Cigarette smoking should be banned nowadays because it brings harm, deceases, and cuts the years of people’s life. Smoking is only an illusion. People get nothing except toxins into the lungs and false feeling of satisfaction.