Factors Associated with Stress Among Nursing Students

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The analyzed article has a title “Factors Associated with Stress Among Nursing Students.” Its authors have enough experience in the field of nursing, since Nitasha Sharma is a lecturer in Kular College of Nursingin Khanna. The selected article has enough evidence to support the discussion of the selected topic in the field of nursing and stress related factors. The article’s abstract includes a short representation of the information which will follow the title. Authors are competent enough to conduct an in-depth research within the segment of nursing. The diversity of objectives presented in the article focus on the analysis of science-based results reflected in the published article, related to stress in the process of learning the segment of nursing. Authors successfully completed their research and presented information and statistical data on the factors related to stress, which influence the learning process of students’ studying the segment of nursing.


Article’s conclusion summarizes the main points presented within the article related to the stress factors caused by both social and educational factors. Authors evaluated that the majority of cases involve factors from the social sphere, which arise from personal relations and communications. However, the most cases presented in the study covered the problem of environmentally related factors, which had a negative influence on students. Only a small percentage of students experienced severe stress, which could be hardly avoided. The article concludes the results of numerous surveys and analysis of the problem with the help of reflecting the importance of evaluating the selected problem within the segment of nursing. Surveys, polls and interviews helped the authors to generate appropriate conclusions on stress within the educational segment. In general, the article successfully reflected the authors’ point of view that is aimed to provide the readers with an in-depth analysis of stress-related and socially-related stress in nursing. The scope of the article includes both national and international sources, which help to build an understanding of the problem circulating in the educational segment from the perspective of nursing (Benavente & Costa, 2011). Conclusion contains information regarding solution of the mentioned problems along with time-management techniques and other methods, aimed to lead to the reduction of the problem’s effect on students.

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The authors of the article have successfully penetrated the paper in relevance to the used sources selected for the analysis and evaluation of the mentioned problem. However, the authors of the article did not include a section dedicated to the literature review, which could reflect different points of view generated from other sources. In general, the article assesses the current information generated from polls and surveys based on trends and tendencies of stress in the educational sphere, involving nursing and its effect on the process of learning. The article contains information and various data, supporting or opposing the challenging nature in the routine activity of the nursing personnel going through the comprehensive learning process. The authors managed to create several tables containing data based on feedback generated from the collected information, in order to justify the notion of stress-related factors. The authors managed to estimate the nature of stress-related problems and reflected the main idea.

The article’s reference list includes the diversity of sources, which helped to build a logical system of information. The authors supported the point that the researched question played a significant role in shaping the performance of any student learning nursing. It is possible to claim that the article can be considered by any nursing student. In fact, the article contains relevant information, generated from current journal articles and several surveys held, in order to assess the problem. The authors of the article reflected the importance of conducting a research in the direction of stress-related learning process. Sources outlined a clear vision and representation of stress-related issues in the segment of nursing, involving students and their learning environment. However, it is possible to extend the research, including international studies, in order to compare results and increase the level of understanding of the problem.

The research generated by authors is non-experimental. It contains narrow view on problems evaluated by different means. The article focuses on students and their learning environment with all its aspects aimed to enhance the understanding of stress penetrating the segment of nursing. The results collected in the conclusion of the article have a theoretical nature, which can have an application coordinated with the reader’s initiative, depending on his personal experience and competence in the selected topic. For example, the research could turn in experimental one, if the authors of the article used the results in a medical or educational institution and presented the results of their experiment.

The sample of the article is appropriate for further evaluation of the topic. In addition, the article has an appropriate construction, including size and structure for understanding and developing an approach towards evaluation of stress-related issues in the learning process. The original work of authors creates a comprehensive understanding of the problem’s essence together with its consequences.

The article contains enough evidence generated from numerous surveys conducted in order to see the relationship between the diversity of challenges in the learning process full of stress faced by students studying nursing. The article does not include any section with practical data, which could be applied to the educational and medical institutions. However, it is possible to understand the author’s desire aimed to include the achieved results into the routine of the nursing sphere. In general, the authors of the article reviewed the main aspect of stress-related issues. The article holds a theoretical perspective, rather than practical approach towards the assessment of the achieved results.

It is possible to improve the article in different aspects and lead it to a comprehensive level of understanding. For example, it is important to include a practical part to the article, which could have a significant improvement. The study should have two different sections – theoretical and practical. Moreover, a practical section of the article should include the evidence generated from the articles written by different authors. National and international facilities should become one of the targets of evaluation of its specific peculiarities and characteristics of the performance, in order to implement the generated information into the common system of performance. In addition to the above mentioned suggestions, medical and educational institutions have specific requirements in the prospect of stress reduction. It is necessary to create a common plan of combating the discussed issue, which can be enriched by every educational and medical facility, according to the set of the presented information. In general, the article could have an extended focus on the accommodation aspect of every student facing stress in the process of learning or applying the learned principles in further medical performance. In general, integration of practical and theoretical approaches will have a positive aspect in the form of extending the article’s significance to the target audience, including students learning the essentials of nursing and medical personnel.

The language of the article is clear and straightforward enough to make the reader understand the problem. Results of the article have both a comprehensive nature and appropriate explanation of the assessed information. The article includes short sentences, which reflect the main ideas in a logical way. Transitions between sentences and paragraphs are smooth enough to increase the problem’s understanding.

The authors of the selected article compare experience of different areas in the prospect of stress-related issues in the process of learning nursing. It is possible to continue the research and have an in-depth evaluation of peculiarities of the problem in different parts of the world (Moustaka & Constantinidis, 2010). It will be appropriate for the initiative aimed to generate practices and methods towards elimination of the problem in the local level. Moreover, it is possible to conduct an in-depth research, aimed to create a program helping to fight stress in healthcare segment. In addition, the focus on nursing practices, which integrate both practice and theory judgments of options aimed to reduce stress (Sharma & Kaur, 2011). This initiative will help to create a comprehensive approach towards understanding the possible ways of implementing various options in educational facility. Readers should be aware of the way aimed to apply the article’s results, in order to create balance between stress and appropriate learning process.


The article critique is an assessment of facts and figure filling the learning process of students in the field of nursing. Article critique touches upon the challenges faced by students in the learning process striving to become qualified professionals in the field of nursing. The article has an encouraging theoretical context motivating to conduct further evaluation of the problem. The article is not long enough containing a comprehensive set of facts. It is short enough to generate new questions, which will remain unanswered without making an additional research. In fact, the article outlined that nursing is a segment of human activity with a wide range of difficult and unexpected situations, leading to stress in the process of learning. Stress, in its turn, is a negative power having a significant influence on human nature. Many physical and psychological problems arise in the process of having a continuous tension and stress.