Study on Illegal Immigrants

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The major barrier towards the discussion and research of illegal immigration in the United States is the lack of adequate data. The problem of data inadequacy is not unique to the topic, that is to say other topics are faced with the same problem. The fact that the issue of immigration cannot be researched well and fully is frustrating for the government. It is also complex, as well as problematic for the economy of the United States. The presented essay is based on the fact that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) asked for a study of illegal immigration. The objectives of the research are to provide ideas and guidance, inasmuch as a researcher is in a position to conduct an appropriate study, with regard to the issue of crime and lack of confidence in the local police by the immigrants.

Probability and Non-Probability Sampling Designs

First, it is important to define illegal immigrants in order to understand the subject of this study. Thus, illegal immigrants are foreign-born non citizens who cannot be considered as legal residents. These are either the people who entered the United States legally but stayed past the date of their authorized stay or merely arrived in the country illegally.

The probability sampling designs are ones in which the probability of a person or group of people to be chosen for the sample can be determined. Non-probability sampling is one in which this possibility is not evident or present. Both of these methods can be applied in the study. However, we need to take into account their advantages and disadvantages. First, there is the issue of determining and estimating the number of immigrants in the United States. Time after time, it was extremely difficult for INS to explain how they obtained figures that they have always released. The Mexican government has always tried to come up with new ways of establishing these numbers. In my opinion, there is a need to use probability sampling. Immigrants cannot be counted by normal census. Firstly, it would be expensive. Secondly, immigrants would simply not present themselves for counting. Therefore, there has to be governmental intervention. Researchers accompanied by the government agents should visit homes in the United States, which should be proportionally distributed with regard to their geography, unexpectedly knock on the door of one home in each selected area, and demand legal documents. This way, the number of immigrants can be determined from the small sample (Haugen & Musser 2011).

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Secondly, there is a need to talk to the immigrants in order to establish a number of issues. These could be concerned with the way they got into the United States and the reasons why they are in the country, which calls for the use of non-probability sampling methods. By doing this, the researchers can move to the most problematic areas, Mexico being a perfect example, and calculate the numbers of illegal immigrants by unexpectedly storming into houses. The government should determine the number of immigrants sufficient as a sample for the study. These immigrants would then be interviewed. The issue of crime should be mentioned to them, especially with the assurance that they are not going to be victimized. Views about their local police will also be collected (Dvorak 2009). The number of immigrants used for the sample should not be small to ensure that the issue is completely exhausted. The use of secondary sources should be discouraged as they have shown limited success over the years. Therefore, this report should be written based on first hand research and information.

Analysis of Methods

These two methods, appropriately applied, will ensure maximum accuracy. However, accuracy cannot be completely achieved in sampling. In the probability methods, the number of immigrants can be closely estimated on a more accurate level. The problem that was there before is that the research did not involve the geographical position. This means that only small areas were covered. Moreover, few samples were used, which was wrong to do. In this research, there is a need to use numerous samples as a representation of the rest. Therefore, the probability method can prove to be extremely expensive. However, it is the price that the government ought to pay if they really want to deal with this menace (Kothari 2004).

As far as the second method is concerned, there is a need for the researchers to ensure its thoroughness. This is a method that is completely inexpensive. Immigrants are chosen randomly and detailed information is obtained from them. This method is extremely helpful for the government. The real solution to a problem lies ultimately in its roots. Therefore, obtaining information from the immigrants can assist in establishing the reasons why they choose to be illegally located in the United States. Therefore, this technique of research is vital to the study. It can ensure more accurate results as compared to previous studies.


The study can be conducted in two ways in terms of the area it covers. One way is to use the whole US population because the total number of immigrants is required. Therefore, there is a need to cover the whole area of the country. However, the places will be selected, based on geography. This way, the samples can be considered to be adequate and comprehensive. As for the other way, the research will be based in the areas with the largest numbers of illegal immigrants due to the need for intensity of the information provided. Therefore, these are the areas that can be most important for talking to people that can give an account of their experience. Their common experience can be considered as an overview of all the experiences of immigrants in US (Dvorak 2009).

Selection of Samples

The selection of the people to be interviewed will require a special panel. After the relevant people have been identified, there is a need to ensure that the people whose views are collected can be considered as a representation of all the rest. Therefore, a team of experts should be involved. The identified individuals should stand before the experts and the most outgoing ones should be selected. This is because they are the most likely ones to give the information that is required. Also, it is vital that the people who are selected be the ones that recently came into the US. This will ensure that the reasons as to why they decided to do this are up to date and, therefore, represent the current situation and correctly advise the government on the areas that they need to polish (Kothari 2004). After this has been established, more accurate measures can be taken. If these samples are strictly obtained in these two ways, the repeat of the past cannot occur. Instead, the research will be very successful.


The above essay shows the strategies and methods that can be used in the research on the illegal immigrants in the U.S. This is a study that has been severally repeated by different researchers. However, they have always come up with unsatisfactory information and figures. For this reason, there is a need for a new way of conducting this research, which was dwelt upon in this essay. By following the procedures that have been laid out, the success of such research is guaranteed. Also, the research will enable the government to better deal with the menace by providing them with adequate and accurate information for further planning and action.

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