Descriptive Essay on Friendship

Description of Friendship

Friendship is an integral part of everybody’s life. It is a special kind of relationship that implies support, trust, loyalty, understanding, intimacy, and self-disclosure; it can never be induced.

Although the transition from being acquaintances to bosom friends may take years, it is worthwhile expending effort and spending time. At first it is not easy for a person to open the mind and disclose himself or herself to somebody not related to either by marriage, birth, or any other legal ties. It is not common to have a lot of intimate friends since the heart is laid bare before other people. Friendship is one of the most fragile things that are built slowly and need to be cherished.

It is a blessing to have devoted friends. Everybody has ups and downs, problems and triumphs. However, if one has a real friend, one’s joys are multiplied and the sorrows are divided. Friendship always helps feel cared about and loved. Truly intimate friends always make each other’s life more meaningful and colorful.

Effective communication has become one of the most eagerly sought treasures nowadays. It is communication that is the cornerstone of every intimate friendship. A real friend addresses all insecurities openly, so that resentments never grow. Good things should also be communicated freely and with pleasure. A good friend will never cheat, lie or hurt the feelings; he keeps to his word and compromises, if necessary.

Real friendship in the same way as love implies unchallenged trust. When we share our dearest hopes, innermost desires, intimate feelings, frustrations, and thoughts, we need someone trustworthy. Someone who will love and support through thick and thin, who will make a friend smile through tears, who will never leave a friend in the lurch when things get tough is to be valued as a real treasure. It is the greatest happiness for everybody to know for sure that there is a person he or she can laugh and cry with being sure that they will not be betrayed or left out. True friendship rules out foul play, negative thoughts or backbiting. Nobody will ever feel lonely if there is at least one friend to trust unconditionally.

A friend is a person who is so close that another person can be himself or herself without any fear. Everybody needs a person to rely on. It can be a parent, a relative, a spouse, or most probably, a friend. A true friend ought to be honest, faithful and loyal. He should be a good listener ready to lend a sympathetic ear. Then he can also gain the ear of his friend when he needs to get a load off his mind. A real friend is a trustworthy and loyal person one can share the feelings and private thoughts with.

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No one should feel trapped being a friend. Notwithstanding that a real friend will open all the doors and windows wide, it will only strengthen the friendly ties. Close friendship predetermines equality and similar values. Friends mostly share interests, thus they always value time spent together and strive for regular meetings. It is difficult for a friendship to survive, if interests and values diverge.

Everybody feels more confident if they know that their intimate friends are willing to help them any time. Such relationship is an inexhaustible source of affection and self-esteem. Even times of despair may seem less painful if there is a person who can offer hope. Friends are tested in troubles and joy. A true friend will always go hand-in-hand both helping weather bad times and rejoicing at the success. However, it is not fair if one party always provides encouragement, while the other just needs assistance and support. Both sides should be both giving and taking. It is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

Devoted friendship is self-denying and deprived of jealousy or envy. Real friends want to see each other develop and grow; they hope to be successful and try to assist one another. Neither of the friends should ever question the loyalty of the other. Action is an integral ingredient of a genuine friendship. Everything is done without expecting anything in return. When friends share their thoughts or feelings, there should be no fear of criticism or judgment. Arguments may sometimes separate people, but genuine friends forgive each other if something has gone wrong; they give each other free rein and respect the liberty of choice. If one wants to be regarded as a real friend, one should accept the other person unequivocally.

To have devoted friends, it is necessary to be a true friend. It means that people should accept themselves and not to be too judgmental to others. Being curious, interested and genuinely enthusiastic also helps in building relationships. The truth is sometimes not very convenient to those who listen to it; however, a real friend will never act against the consciousness or pretend. Honesty is the best policy in friendly relations. However, a real friend does not only criticize, he also appreciates so that the other person could feel more confident and secure. He boosts the self-esteem and confidence and keeps his intimate friend on track.

Genuine friendship can be defined as a respectable bond that is based on love, cooperation and willingness to help. So, if one wants a devoted friend for life, one should realize that friendship requires action, effort and time. The latter is of the greatest importance now when most people are pressed for time. Real friends will always get round to investing in each other’s success, sharing impressions, building shared memories and just getting to know each other better.

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