Education Is a Key to Success


The United States faces a crisis caused by the high rates of high school dropouts. According to Copeland (2005), 6.2 million students dropped out of school as per the 2007 statistics. Most of the students who do not manage to complete high school education usually end up having low income in comparison to their counterparts who complete high school education.

Education is a critical aspect among societies. For instance, education helps to transmit the culture. The process of education entails imparting knowledge to people. Traditionally, education is passed from generation to generation. In the current times, many education centers are being established. With the help of education, many people get various opportunities, e.g. travelling abroad for further studies. Therefore, education plays a vital role in the process of socialization.


Completion of high school education is beneficial to the government as far as revenue is concerned. High school dropouts usually cost the government a great deal of debts. More than 200 dollars of revenue are usually lost in wages and tax revenue in relation to the social support needs. Most children in the world would like to grow and become successful individuals. It is therefore essential to encourage students to excel in their studying. 30% of students drop out of school before graduation. This figure should be addressed through informing students about the shortcomings of quitting school before graduation.

Parents play a huge role in making role models for their children from the first stages of their development. They usually anticipate that their children will prosper in their education (Augustine, 2009). Through the successful completion of high school, students make their parents and close people proud. Moreover, they save on their parents’ revenue since they pay to the government a fortune in form of a tax. In addition, a personal accomplishment is realized which improves one’s self-esteem and confidence among the public domain. Education is vital for any individual to succeed in life.

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According to the United States 2007 statistics, about one in five men who fall within the 16 to 24 bracket were dropouts. Further analysis reveals that three of ten Latinos were dropouts and more than one in five blacks dropped out of school. However, there is usually some sense of prestige when dressing in the graduation gown. This can only be realized through successful completion of high school curriculum. However, with the completion of high school education, one does not have to go through the troubles of pursuing the General Education Development test. It also helps one avoid the negative perception as dropouts are usually stigmatized in the public.

Most employees on the job market usually look for ways to recruit competitive employees. It is therefore obvious that they will require one to have high school education to be considered for a good job (Halsted, 2002). Completion of high school education later on in life will play an important role. It makes one a role model to his/her children as they will strive to pursue the same dream.


Education is a key to success in almost every facet of life. It is evident that with globalization, those who are not in line with technology lag behind in their personal development. Education helps people get economic empowerment and hence transform lives of those that surround them. Life’s complex problems are also dealt in an appropriate way with an informed mind. Lack of education means that a society is not progressing. Many people discover their talents after subjecting themselves in a contest or in the performance of particular assignment.

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