First Driving Experience Essay

My First Driving Experience

Different people have different experiences that they find memorable and extremely exciting. For me, being in the high school, driving a car was one of such experiences. That was something that I have waited for so long, and finally I’ve got a chance to do it. That experience of first driving a car was one of the happiest, most unforgettable, glorious days of my life of the dream coming true.

Once I entered the high school, my uncle purchased a nice new car. At once I realized what was lacking in my life. I couldn’t drive at that time, and my uncle promised me that he would teach me how. My heart was full of joy and excitement for the sweet anticipation. I even started countdown until the day of my first driving lesson.

Imagine wanting something so much that you thought that once you get it, you would be the happiest person on the planet. That was my feeling of the expectation of the first driving experience in my life. Finally this long-awaited day came. I was up since 6 am even though my uncle promised to start around 2 pm. I kept imagining myself sitting in a comfortable chair of that new nice car, turning the wheel and smirking at people on the street. I have already chosen what music would be on while driving.

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Once I saw my uncle’s car arriving, my heart skipped a beat. It was a racing red car with large silver shining discs. He, at once, invited me to join him. Uncle opened the door of the front seat for me to occupy the driver’s place. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion like in banal drama movies during romantic moments. I took the seat, and an instant leather aroma of the car salon hit my nose. The seat was neither too hard nor too soft. It was very convenient. I slightly touched the wheel. It was real, finally I wasn’t dreaming. I opened my eyes so widely in order to catch every detail, every moment of that“driving experience”. I felt powerful and great, like a magician from Oz, who was able to make things move with the simple arm swing (Raimi, 2013). My uncle helped me to start the car. He directed every move I needed to make, but it seemed that I was doing everything myself and I owned the vehicle. That was an unspeakable feeling. That time was so emotional to me that I memorized every single detail of driving: every button, every part of the salon and every piece of the street. That time was truly unforgettable.

After about 45 minutes I was finally confident about what I was doing. I then felt not only extremely overwhelmed with excitement, but also very proud for myself. There was my whole family standing and watching my first driving “steps.” I pretended like I didn’t see them because I wanted them to think that I was so concentrated on the wheel and the road. It seemed like every single person was constantly looking just at me, which gave me even more pride for myself. I even no longer noticed my uncle; he was just there, just my random passenger. My fame time came that day. I felt almost as cool as a Hollywood star, when he/she was called on stage to receive the first Oscar award in his/her life. It was really glorious moment.

I felt like the warm breeze was blowing into my face, and I just kept thinking how cool I was. It was so surprising how good I was in driving. After some time I started noticing my uncle again. He was complementing me, which made me feel even more satisfied. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest because of excitement. I have never expected driving to be so pleasurable. I fell in love with a vehicle, and how well I was able to own it. I have probably fallen in love more with the feeling of happiness I was experiencing while driving it. I might have been too young to claim that that was the best time of my life, but it was definitely one of the happiest moments I have ever experienced. There was a strange feeling of freedom present, even though I knew it would be over soon and I would have to return the wheel to my uncle. But that experience of freedom would always stay with me as it was invaluable. After I tried driving once again, I surely felt joy but it was never the same feeling as I had when I was driving first time. But who knows, what in the world would also be so exciting and interesting for me to try? I should probably try some skydiving. I realized that there are so many good things that are worth trying; that could make our day happy, unforgettable and glorious, “The sky is the limit. You never have the same experience twice” (McCourt, n.d.).

My first experience of driving a car was not only the learning one, but also a time of joy, happiness and excitement. It paved the way to trying more exciting and pleasurable things.

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