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The society in the modern world faces a huge problem of protection the environment. With the development of new technologies, we can observe a great increase in the production. This leads to the growth of the industrial sphere in the economy of every country. Obviously, such changes make a negative impact on the ecological conditions of the surroundings. Big areas and especially green spaces suffer from air pollution and emissions of harmful gases. In result, people suffer from this too. The pollution also affects human lives and leads to serious health problems. All this makes humans think about ways to solve the problem of pollution.

Nowadays, the government of every country demands to follow certain rules and provide safe conditions for people and nature. It is very important for manufactures to do as little harm for the environment as possible. At the same time, many countries have already become much polluted. Their ecological conditions may cause serious diseases and imply danger for human lives. Obviously, countries with a highly developed industrial sector are at the risk of becoming unsuitable for the life. It means that such states should pay much attention to the issue.

Is China the Most Polluted Country in the World?

Many scientists consider China to be the most polluted country in the world. Several facts confirm this opinion. Firstly, China is a country with high indicators of production. Moreover, it is the most populous country in the world. These factors lead to both industrial and everyday pollution of the environment. However, we cannot say that China is the most polluted country in the world. Although, the level of pollution is quite high, there are other countries, where this index is much higher.

One of the biggest problems of air pollution is the smog. It is a phenomenon, which occurs in places with high concentration of harmful gases. It looks like a black fog and affects human health. Smog is dangerous because of the chemical substances (nitrates, ammonia, carbon, mineral dust) that form its base. Moreover, it contains ozone, which is also harmful for nature. Generally, the smog leads to respiratory illnesses, causes problems with eyes and triggers asthma. According to the World Health Organization data, the first place in the rating belongs to Iran. It is the most polluted with the smog country. Mongolia and India take the second and the third places in this rating. Talking about China, it is on the seventh place (Chew, 2013). No doubt, such a statistics is not optimistic; however, it is far from the leaders of the rating. Chinese city Lanzhou is on the 25th place among the most polluted cities in the world. Several reasons caused such a situation. Firstly, Lanzhou is one of the most populous cities in China and in the world, in general. Secondly, industrial sector is highly developed here, and there are many plants and factories located in this region. Obviously, they emit harmful substances and gases in the process of production. It is an unavoidable consequence of any manufacturing business.

Moreover, recently the World Health Organization has released another rating of the most polluted countries. It rated 91 countries in order to make an objective list. As a rule, countries which deal with oil or gas production take the first places in the top. States with the accelerated development of industry are also on high positions. The first 10 places belong to Mongolia, Botswana, Pakistan, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Nigeria and Kuwait (Naidu-Ghelani, 2011). It means that China does not belong to the top polluted countries in the world, according to the results in 2011.

The World Resources Institute held out the research with the purpose of identifying the countries with the biggest greenhouse gas emission per capita. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other chemical substances, which are harmful for the human health. Moreover, these gases promote the climate change and lead to the global warming. As a rule, the emission of the greenhouse gases is the result of industrial production. Therefore, highly developed countries emit the biggest amounts of these gases. The World Resources Institute published its researches in 2000 and 2005, according to which, China was on the 99 and 72 places respectively. Such a statistics show that the level of pollution in China is not as high as some may think. There are countries, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where the indicators of air pollution are much higher.

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In 2009, the World Health Organization published the rating of the most polluted places in the world with the Chinese city Lanzhou on the second place in it. However, the top of the rating belongs to the Indian city of Ludhiana (Clendaniel, 2013). All this data indicates that China is not the most polluted country in the world.

In 2010, the International Energy Agency released the list of the countries with the highest indicators of the carbon dioxide emission. According to this rating, on the top positions there were countries, which are the safest for the environment and produce the least of carbon dioxide. At the bottom of the list, one may find countries which emit huge amounts of carbon. Among them are Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Ukraine. They form top three countries with the biggest carbon dioxide emission. China occupies the fourth place. Although, it witnesses huge emissions of carbon, it is not the highest index.

Therefore, we can conclude that China is not the most polluted country in the world. Although, it has high indicators of air pollution, such a situation has certain reasons and is unavoidable. Huge scopes of industrial production demand big emissions. It is a regular circle of the manufacturing industry. However, we can look at this problem from the other point of view. Firstly, China has a well developed industrial sphere with high export of its products. It means that the whole world uses Chinese goods and items. Moreover, Chinese scientists are working at inventing of new methods of safe production with the least harm for the environment. No doubt, with the development of the modern technologies and science we can assume that in the near future, it will be possible to avoid harmful emission in the atmosphere and make the manufacturing process safer for both people and nature.

Secondly, China is overpopulated country. It is the most populous state in the world. Obviously, China uses the biggest amounts of the household items and consumes the biggest amounts of energy, oil, gas, and other essential products every year. In result, it emits huge amounts of exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases and other chemical substances. All these cause the pollution of the environment. However, even in such a situation, China is not on the top of the rating of the most polluted countries.


To sum up, nowadays, China is a highly developed country. Its industrial sphere continues to develop and improve at the fast rate. Moreover, China is the most populous country in the world. All this causes huge amounts of gases emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, there is a problem of air pollution in the country. However, China is not the most polluted state in the world. Despite of accelerated development of industries and overpopulation, China does not occupy the first places in the tops of the most polluted countries. Such a statistics indicate that China tries to develop its economy in a wise and moderate way. It pays attention to both the quality of products and conditions of the environment. This gives us reasons to assume that in the near future China will find ways of protecting the nature and inventing safe methods of industrial production.

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