World War I

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Throughout the history of humankind wars were means of conquering new lands and establishing power over other territories. Moreover, it serves as means of releasing public pressure and changing ruling powers. However, war does not appear as a spark there are usually a number of reasons leading up to it.

Four Main Reasons of Appearance World War I

Talking about WWI, historians name four main reasons of its appearance. Amongst them are alliance, militarism, imperialism and nationalism. First of all from 1879 to 1914 a number of treaties were signed between different countries, such as Germany and Austria-Hungary, Britain and Russia and France, Serbia and Austria-Hungary, thus if one of the allies declared war, others were supposed to support it. Secondly, the army of these countries doubled up to WWI, which means that countries were preparing for the worst outcome. Thirdly, the empires needed new lands and new markets for their products, and, on the other hand, there were also countries who were not completely satisfied with the division of power and influence. And finally, nations who were suppressed under empires were waiting for it as the chance to be set free. So it is clear that war was about to appear and at any given moment, and that many nations needed it for their own political or economic reasons.

USA Impact in the Development of History

At the beginning of the war the USA tried to stay neutral and avoid interfering into WWI as far as there were a number of reasons for that. First of all, the USA was far away from the epicenter of the war therefore struggle and fights did not relate to American citizens. What is more, there were a number of economical reasons for that as far as the USA was leading trade with most of the allies, and it was rather profitable for them to support both parties in the war. Moreover, the USA did not consider it necessary to endanger their people for that matter. This shows the importance of culturalism in the turn of events of WWI. The nationalism of politics of the USA proved significant in the development of history.

Decisive Moment and Twist of Events During WWI

However, as the war proceeded and the relations between the USA and Britain grew closer it became clear that it was time for America to take sides. Moreover, as far as it was clear that Germany will not limit its expansion only to Europe and that soon it might proceed to invading into the USA, America resigned to enter the conflict and support the side of Allies. That turned out to be the decisive moment and twist of events during WWI.


To sum up, WWI is significant part of world history. Even though it caused an enormous loss and many people were hurt by it, it is a valid lesson of history to be comprehended. What is more, people can never fully understand all the motives leading up to it.

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