How the Mobile Phones Change Our Life

Category: Reaction Essays

Mobile phones have srongly altered the life of each person due to their advanced and multifunctional features. Today, personal handset is not only a privilege, but also a necessity, as mobile phones are considered to be so-called backbones or bases of communication systems. The essay aims to determine and evaluate the influence of the mobile phones on various spheres of human life cycle. In other words, the paper is purposed to discuss the contributions of handsets to the society. The advantages and disadvantages of owning a mobile phone will be analyzed as well.

Mobile telephones are known to be communicational tools that have the power to connect each individual to the rest of the world. At present, these tools are used practically by every person on everyday basis. In addition, the level of penetration of mobile phones in the human society is extremely conspicuous and significant. It should be stressed that the mobile phones serve as a digital fabric or form of personal lives of people. Mobile technologies and, in particular, phones have shaped the forms and methods of human interactions and collaborations with each other. Nowadays, experts in the sphere of mobile technologies differentiate various types and levels of influences that mobile phones have on separate persons, societies, industries, and economies (Dunnett, 2013).

First of all, mobile phones have managed to change and, at the same time, to improve the sphere of intimacy and socializing. In other words, mobile technologies have modified the ways, means, and manner of forming and shaping relationships with people. With the help of a phone call or a text message people can contact any person they need or want. Moreover, mobile communication provides a unique opportunity for people to fulfill a so-called function of micro-coordination. For instance, it enables people to simplify everyday challenges, such as shopping. Thanks to mobile phones, family roles and responsibilities are not planned beforehand, but are coordinated “on the go”. It is extremely important to add that the mobile phones ensure an exclusive chance to maintain close relationships among people despite enormous geographical distance (Murugaboopathi, Sankar &Praveen, 2013).

Mobile phones do not only connect people, they have also proved their effectiveness in emergencies. Besides, up-do-date mobile phones ensure constant access to the Internet. For example, with the help of a gadget that has access to the Internet, a person in an unknown city can easily find a cheap and comfortable place to dine, rest, or sleep. In addition, mobile phones can solve the problems of time utilization. At present, mobile phones are usually referred to as “all-in-one devices,” as these tools are widely used by people instead of mp3 players, cameras, GPS, alarm clocks, calendars, and even pocket books (Dunnett, 2013). Finally, it should be stated that mobile phones stimulate the flourishing of various spheres of industry and economy. Companies that produce mobile phones are prospering and enhancing smooth, stable, and healthy economy. Having analyzed the positive impacts of mobile phones on human life, it can be concluded that these devices make human life easier, more comfortable, and thrilling (Murugaboopathi, Sankar &Praveen, 2013).

However, mobile phones are characterized by numerous disadvantages that have to be paid attention to and solved. First of all, mobile phones infringe intimate space of people. These technological devices offer a permanent possibility of someone interfering in private space. Besides, mobile telephones are believed to replace real human interaction. In some cases, these gadgets can lead to serious accidents and cause severe problems. Continuous exposure to mobile phones can lead to numerous diseases, including cancer. It is usually said that the usage of mobile phones result in time distraction. For example, a lot of people, especially teenagers, are addicted to these devices for talking, messaging, listening to music, etc. Finally, mobile phones are assumed to be able to breach security and privacy (Wargo et al., 2012).

In conclusion, the epoch of mobile technologies, including mobile phones, has brought numerous positive and negative changes to people and societies. Nowadays, mobile phones can be used for the purposes of communication, business, and even entertainment. At the same time, these devices can result in numerous problems and troubles that include breach of privacy, waste of time, and health disorders. Mobile revolution affects the life of people differently. It can be compared to the controversy between the good and the evil, and creators of mobile technologies definitely believe that the good side takes the upper hand.