Why is Fast Food Popular?

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The fast food industry has gained huge popularity around the world. People very often choose to eat in a fast food facility instead of their own houses. Nowadays, many people realize the harm that fast food possesses to the human body, and many of them still continue to eat at the fast food restaurants. What makes the fast food so popular among modern population of the world is a good question. It is not clear why people ignore the potential threat to their health and change their eating habits in favor of fast food. People in these days have more opportunity to choose what they want to eat due to the development of various agricultural technologies. The paper studies why people usually chose unhealthy fast food out of numerous other options.


Apparently, it is convenient to have a meal in a fast food restaurant. With the development of business and economy, modern generation obtained a quick way of life. People hurry up at work, where they have a lot of unfinished and urgent tasks, on the other hand, everyone would like to spend more time with the family or watch television. Therefore, when people come back from work, most of them do not want to waste time on buying and preparing food. It is not convenient for a modern family to spend much time at the kitchen any more. They have the option to get tasty food in a short period of time and without much effort. It is important to notice that the entertainment industry also made an impact on the choice in favor of the fast food. People received a possibility to combine the entertainment and food consumption in any family entertainment center. It is difficult to ignore such opportunity of having fun with family and eating delicious food. Over there, parents can enjoy dinner while children are playing at playrooms. Additionally, it is the best option to have after day at work. That is why people prefer eating food in the fast food restaurants than preparing it at home.

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In addition, cost saving issue makes fast food more favorable for people than other food prepared at home. It is obvious that people who would like to spend time outside the house consider this opportunity depending on their budget. If it were two or three times a year, the preference would be given to the restaurant with healthy and expensive food, of course. However, many families would like to have this type of rest one time a week. Without hesitating, they would prefer cheap fast food restaurant to an expensive one (Watson n. p.). Workers who do not like preparing food at home would prefer having a meal during the break at the fast food facility. The price is very important tool that makes people eat and like fast food. It is specifically important when workers can find a fast food restaurant closer to their offices than any other food facility.

People enjoy the taste of the fast food. It should be admitted that people also choose fast food restaurants not only because of comfortable conditions. One of the main reasons is that people do like its taste. The menu that is offered to the customer contains many delicious meals for adults, as well as for children. Potato chips, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, ice-cream, soft drinks, and other items have a very rich taste that could attract one’s attention. After having tasted it, most people are not able to resist it. Fast food does not contain any vitamins, but it contains other ingredients that make this food extremely tasty. The most dangerous side of the question of why people like eating fast food is the possible addiction. The meal from the fast food facilities contains a lot of fat and sugar. The constant consumption of this type of food can lead to serious addiction. Such food could work as narcotics or alcohol; usually it becomes a habitual diet. After a while, in order to satisfy the need for pleasure, an addict would want to consume more fast food (Schlosser 91). The same principle works for beverages.

Fast food restaurants are very popular especially among teenagers because they are considered a social place where friends meet and bond. The informal style of the fast food facilities allows for students having their special place, where they can have fun and enjoy delicious food. The food is not expensive, and many of them can spend time there and eat. It is a very attractive place for teenagers, as no one would tell them to keep quiet. It is all right if one laughs or chats loudly with the friends. It is a place where teenagers can feel themselves confident and relaxed. Such perfect environment encourages teenagers to visit the fast food restaurants. Approximately 25% of the Americans eat fast food every day, and there are many teenagers among them.

The fast food industry makes much effort in order to attract more customers. The owners of the fast food facilities employ large marketing campaigns in order to attract as many client as possible. They are spending millions of dollars on advertisements and other marketing strategies. Moreover, this industry uses bright colors and famous cartoon characters in order to attract attention of children. Many children like going to the fast food facilities because, along with the food, they can get a toy. Today, 30% of all children in the United States eat fast food (Picard n. p.). In some way, fast food is popular due to other factors than the food itself.


Many people all over the world prefer eating fast food. They like it because it is cheap and tasty. It is convenient for people to have a rest and eat in a fast food restaurant with children. It is a perfect place for teenagers to spend their time with friends and have fun. Sometimes, people unconsciously choose fast food restaurants due to the great work of specialists of the marketing campaigns. All these factors together answer the question of why fast food is so popular among the population of the world today.

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