Vice-Chancellor and President's Speech

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"The chancellor University of the Philippines,

Vice Chancellor, lecturers, my fellow graduates, and the community of the University, good afternoon.

With heartfelt gratitude and humility, I stand here on this graduation day to give a speech. This is on behalf of art students in communication. When we joined this prestigious institution four years ago, most of us had a remote idea that time would pass by, and we will soon come to the end of our studies. There is one main thing that will leave a mark in all our lives; the invariable knowledge we have acquired from this institution. I believe that today many people will be involved in the inculcation of knowledge at whatever institution each person will make a difference in the country and the world at large.

The world is a communicative environment and the communicative action can provide a general framework which analyses intercultural communication. Communicative actions construct contexts which are reflexively generated. This will be done to bring a communicative culture which is built up by different communicative actions. Understanding different horizons of communication help us to understand more about culture and analyzing communication in various social-cultural lives.

We cannot for one single moment forget that the government of Philippines has sponsored some of us through this institution. It was the government's intention of educating its people by setting up this institution in 1908 and seeing to it that without discrimination that people get an education. You will agree with me that all of you are hereby merit and not through other dubious means. The government has continued to subsidize the cost of education, and we have not been an exception. It is my sincere hope that each of us finds it to give back to this great our country.

Personally, I would wish to be a civil servant with knowledge of communication arts, disputes in government and its institutions can be solved amicably. Deals will be sealed for economic and social betterment for a united people. As many would like to put it, a picture is worth a thousand words; consequently, photography can be used to effectively communicate intricate messages to our people.This nation like any other requires leadership so desperately. It is the right type of leadership that steers a nation into a state of prosperity. This was prior to people's imagination. This type of leadership is here. Situations go sour when able people sit back and choose not to act on them. That is why I seek to heed all of you to get a sense of devotion to this nation.

I am convinced that there are capable young men and women who can take up leadership positions in all sectors of our political, economy, security, society, among other sectors. It is the knowledge that gives people an edge to streamline organizations, institutions, and governments to levels of high efficiency. Without the know-how nothing can be accomplished, with scarce knowledge crude solutions will be arrived at but with the knowledge from an institution of the caliber of University of the Philippines, it will be effective all the way.

Lastly, I will like to thank everybody who has facilitated in our learning at this institution, the government, the staff, subordinate staff, fellow students and the society. A time has come for us to leave this institution, to give space to others who are eager to get an education but most importantly to serve the nation and the world. The University of Philippines is indeed a respectable institution globally, and it is my sincere hope that each of us will be a true ambassador of this institution from this moment moving forward.

I wish you all the best.

Thank you."

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