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This paper explores the importance of such a profession as a nurse. It also shows the idea of the philosophy of nursing — respect for human rights and dignity. It realizes not only in the nurses’ work with the patients but also in their cooperation with other professionals. This paper examines the concept of nursing and the nurse features. It also discusses particular issues of philosophy of nursing, such as a person, health, the environment and nursing itself. The interaction of these domains makes it possible to realize the key task of nurse — to form a harmonious, healthy person. Also, it explores the future of nursing and common difficulties that nurses are facing in their job.

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Nurse is one of the professions that help our society to exist naturally. Sometimes we do not realize their importance. However, when we are in trouble, they always help. My name is Lissett Miranda. I'm a registered nurse. I practice nursing in Hialeah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for one year. During this time, I got some useful information and knowledge, which helped me to make my philosophy of nursing.


Undoubtedly, nursing is a very interesting and important profession. But what is it? International Council of Nursing states that: “Nursing includes the self-sufficient and synergistic consideration of individuals of all ages, families, gatherings and groups, wiped out or well and in all settings” (Definition of Nursing, 2015). Moreover, it “incorporates the advancement of wellbeing, avoidance of disease, and the consideration of poorly, debilitated, and confined individuals” (Definition of Nursing, 2015). Therefore, nursing as an important part of the health care system has a universal nature. In pursuance of realizing these goals in life, each professional nurse develops their philosophy of nursing.

The philosophy of nursing is a system of ideas and nurses’ views. It reflects their worldview in pursuant to its operation, social environment, development, as well as improvement of their personality and professional competence. The central part of this theory is certainly a patient with all his/her needs — biological, psychological, social, internal, or rather — personality of the patient. Universal principles of decency and conscience become a foundation for the conception. We can pick out four fundamental domains in the philosophy of nursing: person, health, environment, and nursing.

The problem of personality in philosophy is primarily a question of the people’s place in the world. The human is an integrated, complicated, dynamic, self-regulating biological system, a set of physiological, psychosocial, and inward needs the satisfaction of which determines the growth, development, merging with the environment. Therefore, nurse must be prepared to deal with any patient, respectful of its past and present, life values, customs, and beliefs.

Due to WHO the definition of health is “…is a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity and not just the unlucky deficiency of illness or ailment” (WHO definition of Health, 2015).

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Sometimes it can be challenging to persuade what is healthy. However, it is considered to be a dynamic process. Health is part of a continuous process of growth and improvement. At any point in somebody’s life, every individual should make an attempt to be healthy. Therefore, a nurse should provide the necessary aid and maintenance to the patient's health, under the condition that he/she does not resist hospitalization.

The environment as a combination of natural, social, psychological, inner factors and conditions always influences human’s life. We can divide it into:

  • Physical, including geographical location, climate, air quality, water, etc. In addition, natural environment must be considered as a man-made;
  • Social, which plays an important role in the identity of the patient (family, school, friends, work team, and so on);
  • Cultural, which includes a person's behavior, his/her relationships with other societies (language, traditions, customs, faith, style of communication, etc.). Thus, a nurse builds her relationship with a patient, depending on the environment in which he/she grew up, lived, and worked. Also, as a nurse, I should keep in mind that habitat affects the constitution and character of the people, and, therefore, their illness, and health.


The philosophy of nursing represents nurses’ approach to their activities. As a science, nursing is based not only on medical knowledge, but also in psychology, sociology, cultural studies, history, ethics, and aesthetics. The demand for nursing is universal. A person needs it from birth to death. While assisting the patient, the nurse tries to create respectful surroundings for its habits, ethical ideals, and beliefs. And certainly, the future of our profession is very encouraging. It is a process that shows an interaction of the primary factors that are the foundation of the philosophy of nursing. The situation in our environment is getting worse, so that much more patients come every day and ask for medical assistance. As a nurse, I do protect the information if it is not contrary to the human's health or public health.

I believe that nurse should have strict obligations on patient’s care. According to that, I preserve confidentiality according to the interests of the patient, watch privacy, regard the self-sufficiency of the patient and tell the truth. Moreover, I am trying to growth such moral qualities as wisdom, compassion, mercy, patience, etc. I worked with comprehensively different patients; some of them did not accept the treatment, which is the tough difficulty that nurse could face during her practicing. Thus, by helping build a harmonious, healthy person, on the hard way of trial and error, I achieve goals and become real nurse.