Philosophy of Nursing

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Nursing is a medical practice that has stood the test of age. It received global acclamation from the days of U.E. Nissen (1834- 1892) and Florence Nightingale (1820- 1910), due to the significant role they had in society. These two nurses became an inspiration to legions and an eye-opener to the world of the significance of nurses. It is professionalism with emotional care that made them remarkable. The calling to be a nurse rose from the inspiration and the desire to sacrifice oneself in order to maintain the life whatever the cost is. Successful nursing involves a lot of care for patients. Having a nursing career is a commitment to be responsible for the health of multitudes and giving expert care in the conservation of life.

This paper reviews the purpose of life and how it relates to nursing. Health and its value to society are covered in the essay too. Society and the role of people to each other’s lives also get considered (Jansen & Stauffacher, 2006).

My Philosophy of Nursing

Life is the existence of a person with all his physiological and anatomical systems within the limits of proper functioning. These systems get affected by countless physical, mental or emotional factors. Nursing as a discipline aims at maintaining life in a healthy state. This is carried out by both the expertise in human medicine and their human ability to counsel and monitor patients through the treatment. It goes a long way in the treatment process. For me, it is the hallmark of human treatment. I consider nursing to be the party that maintains life and gives hope by the steadfast care it provides the patients with (Potter & Perry, 2009).

Health is the proper functioning of body systems of an individual. Its maintenance at optimum standards is the reason for the existence of a health care system. We all have a duty to maintain our health. Nursing serves this purpose selflessly by maintaining other people’s health. Nursing as a career is more charity work than paid labor. It involves much sacrifice of time and strength to face the unthinkable in our day-to-day endeavors.

Illnesses are the effect of deteriorating health. They cause adverse effects to the body in all aspects, including physiological systems breakdown and a lack of comfort. Illnesses interfere with a person in various ways. Involvement in day-to-day activities gets limited. To nursing, illnesses and their effects are not celebrated as a source of clients, but is rather hastened in treatment. This is because nurses sympathize patients as they spend a lot of time with them.

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The society is a group of people with common interests. Comfort and health are synonymous in the community. All other efforts to achieve success are all coupled with an investment in health. Healthiness is the prime driver of life and thus nursing ensures I make acquaintance with all other people in the society. Health is the cornerstone of existence. Thus, giving the nurse high position in society is bound to ensure its existence (Jansen & Stauffacher, 2006).

Medical care is a right to all existence. Health is not entirely in man’s control, but ideally it should be well maintained. Medical care and health are linked in that healthiness eliminates need for medical care, while medical care is needed when there is lack of health. Nursing provides medical care to maintain health. It does what is manly possible to maintain health.

Nurses should be dedicated in their work. The footsteps of Nightingale and Nissel should be followed, and every nurse should strive to fill their shoes. Care is the paramount duty of a nurse that should be always kept in the mind of every one of them. A positive interaction with the society goes a long way in the preservation of life (Potter & Perry, 2009).


Nursing is part of the medical care, offered to the sick persons. It goes a long way into the treatment process. Care that is easily noticeable due to the time that is spent on the health rehabilitation makes the nursing praised by society. It is because the whole society is dependent on nursing activity, it provides them with their right of medical care.

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