50 Topic Ideas You Would Use For Your Next Essay

50 Topic Ideas You Would Use For Your Next Essay

Have you always considered writing essays a tiresome task? Fortunately, there is one type of essay that is indeed entertaining. Is not that fun to choose a topic you would love to display your thoughts and ideas about? An expository essay enables you to do all of the above.

The nature of an expository essay

An expository essay is a sort of essay in which you present and elucidate an idea providing proof to support it. A compare and contrast, cause and effect analysis, or definition type of essay are suitable for this assignment.

Expository essay outline


Your introduction should evoke readers' thoughts. Thus, start your essay with an interesting fact or a thought-provoking statement. This part must give an insight into what will be discussed in the paper. Also, here you present your thesis statement to reveal the line of the argument you will pursue.


Each paragraph of your body section should start with a topic sentence to give a hint at what will be covered in the paragraph. Here you should present key points, then explain them and furnish conclusive evidence. Mind that you should end each paragraph with a transitional sentence to the next paragraph.


Here you must restate your thesis, sum up all the significant points, and explain how they support your argument.

Top 50essay topic

  • Adventure. You can write about a hair-raising adventure that you or someone else experienced.
  • Leadership. It will be novel to elaborate on fatuous leadership highlights like the fascism expansion after World War I.
  • Reaching decision. Choosing this topic, center around a decision-maker and analyze what he/she did right and wrong.
  • Truman's decision on dropping atomic bombs on Japan. It was one of the most important decision ever as it could destroy the human race.
  • What to wear today. This topic is perfect for proposal essays as deciding what to wear is an extraordinary routine.
  • Decision making in the supermarket. Here you can discuss trends that influence purchasing decisions.
  • Choosing a book to read. The fact that the Americans read fewer books than ever considering the great number of books they publish now will make your essay riveting.

How to choose essay topic on day-to-day life

  • Marriage. Unlike the past when children were born in wedlock, marriage is less significant nowadays.
  • Forcing marriage on women. This topic is perfect for investigating sexism in day-to-day life.
  • Sentiments on marriage. Here you can express your own viewpoint concerning marriage.
  • Sports. This is a perfect inoffensive topic as everyone adores sport.
  • Football. Because this game is synonymous with concussion, this topic is suitable for a sport persuasive essay.
  • Basketball. As this game is increasingly popular universally, a basketball essay can research into geopolitical implications of this game.
  • Love. Being the greatest human's emotion, love is an eternal subject to discuss.
  • Happiness. Choosing this topic, explain why people pursue happiness.
  • Christmas carols. As Christmas is one of the most significant holidays, writing about Christmas carols is always a good idea.
  • Christmas carols of the 19th century. Most carols were written in the 19th century. Before this time, they were just church hymns.
  • Christmas carols around the globe. As every country celebrates Christmas differently, researching into the diversity of Christmas carols is a very interesting topic.
  • Personal attitude towards Christmas carols. Just write your thoughts about Christmas carols and how they make you feel.

College essay topics on health

  • Food. This is a topic everyone can talk about.
  • Well-balanced diet. The concept of healthy eating has a different meaning for every country. Discussing the variety of healthy nourishment in the world is very interesting.
  • Fast food. This food has become a recent trend which unfortunately harms our health.
  • Obesity among children. Abundance of fatty food resulted in children's overweight that is a considerable problem now.
  • Alcoholism. This is a classic topic for writing. Having chosen it, think over the consequences of alcoholism.
  • Teen pregnancy. Because of poverty and poor education, this phenomenon is no wonder in some countries.
  • Smoking. This is a typical reason for demise in the USA. Thus, it needs to be explored.
  • Smoking in public. This is a questionable topic as smoking in public is a basic liberty that cannot be banned but which continues to harm people's health.
  • Reasons for smoking. People find miscellaneous pretexts for smoking which you can explore.
  • Should smoking be banned? It is hard to decide what stance to take. Indeed, the process of writing is always enjoyable.
  • Giving up smoking. There are different ways of quitting smoking which you can discuss.
  • Smoking influence on mood. Definitely, smoking affects our mood but how?
  • Second-hand smoke. Here you can discuss all the impacts of second-hand smoking.
  • Smoking and cancer. Everyone knows that smoking leads to cancer. However, look at this problem from a different angle.
  • Smoking and cardiovascular disease. Here you can describe health problems that long-term smoking can cause.
  • Peer pressure. Most teens take an example of their peers who consider smoking trendy.
  • Smoking on TV. "Smokers on television" is a long-standing trend. Describe how this process developed over time.
  • Smoking in the family. Smoking runs in the family. Thus, explain why it should or should not be an issue.

Essay topics on ethics and society

  • Abortion. This one is one of the most arguable issues in Christian countries that requires discussion.
  • Abortion polemics. It could be a fascinating abortion debate essay in which you can strikingly present both positions.
  • Against abortion stance. When writing an abortion pro-life essay, furnish miscellaneous reasons to oppose abortion.
  • Honor. Is it true that abortion is somehow connected to honor killing or is it a literary device?
  • Shoplifting. This petty crime increasingly occurs nowadays. Therefore, discuss the motives for committing shoplifting, ways of its eradicating, and its implications for retail businesses.
  • Domestic abuse. This phenomenon is interesting to investigate as it happens often today.
  • Animal cruelty. This is a widespread form of violence that may be in the form of dogfights and factory farming.
  • Capital punishment. In the states where capital punishment is allowed, it can cause serious social implications.
  • Current events. It is a win-win topic as people are always interested in current events.
  • Child labor. Many countries managed to eradicate this problem. Still, there are regions where it is a common practice.
  • Child labor in history. Here discuss the decrease and increase in child labor over the time.
  • Child labor as a global problem. Explain how child labor varies in different countries.
  • Child labor laws. This phenomenon decreased because it is unlawful. Try to explain whether these laws are effective or not.
  • Unemployment. There are often no vacancies even for grown-ups. Thus, explore why this economic recession happens.