How to Compose a Business Report that You Will Benefit From

Writing a Business Report

Every business will appreciate a report that clearly defines the real situation and further objectives to move to. In fact, such a report is strategically important as it is a backbone for all the key decisions. Therefore, a business report should be fact-based and precise. It cannot be written in a moment, because the process involves research and planning. One more special detail is that almost the whole team takes part in business report writing. Here are some ideas on making your report the most effective.

A Step-by-Step Approach for Writing a Business Report

  1. Before you start writing a business report, think of the motivation and the target audience of the report you are working on. State the purpose distinctly, because it will lead you through the entire process of writing. According to the people you are directed to, you decide on the amount and type of information to introduce.
  2. For a business analysis report, it is essential to cumulate enough data and evident information. Then, it is required to analyze and structure this factual background and use it in the paper.
  3. Compose an introduction. It should make a reader familiar with the content you are going to present. It would be appropriate to bring about a few sentences on the background, current issues, and their importance. What is more, formulate the general purpose of the business report and shed light on its structure.
  4. State the crucial findings. You may choose to show them graphically or in the form of a bullet list. However, you should not only represent the factual information, but you also need to give an explanation for it. Emphasize on the most valuable findings and point out which unexpected details have been found out.
  5. Finally, it is time to summarize the report. In other words, you need to conclude the key data of the research, suggest the solutions for the critical issues, and give your own ideas on the discussed subject.
  6. Then follows the recommendation section. It focuses on the concise propositions to be implemented in the future. Of course, this section is not always objective, but it is considered to be one of the most practical and significant parts of a business report. You should point out the concrete things, time, and people when working out practical actions to be taken in order to solve a certain problem.
  7. The last section should conclude references and technical information details.

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How to Write a Business Report

If you still doubt how to write a business report, you should figure out that its main mission is to deal with a particular challenge that a company encounters. So, the topic should be quite clear as most often it concentrates on the issue to overcome. The possible variants of the subject for a report are:

  • taking a closer look at the accounting issues that an enterprise may face and work out some ideas to avoid them or to go through with a minimal loss;
  • an examination of the threats and advantages of a company;
  • an evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of producing a new kind of service, suggesting ideas to improve it;
  • an overview of the general aspects related to the problem.

Points you should necessarily pay attention to:

  • The business report format is usually associated with brevity and efficiency. Due to the fact that business managers are busy people, they do not have spare time to perceive every single piece of information in a separate paragraph. Therefore, make it the most precise and elude presenting superfluous items.
  • Formal business report examples may look like a graph, a text or a table. It stands upon the requirement in your company what type of data presentation to opt for.
  • The structure of a business report template should consist of background facts, findings of the research, discussion, summary, and recommendations. The other possible variant is to conclude only four items: summary, recommendations, introductory section, and findings.
  • What is really important is that the report should be accurate. Check it for punctuation, spelling, and grammatical mistakes.
  • Additionally, the document should be unbiased and verifiable.

When writing a formal business report, people tend to be too emotionally charged. As a result, the adjectives like "exciting", "incredible" are applied in the text, which is impermissible in business writing. Remember, this piece of writing should be completed in the impersonal manner. That is why use personal pronouns only in recommendations.

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What is a business report about? It is centered around the supporting material. Therefore, each claim should be supported with evidence. Consequently, you need to draw the attention of your audience to the facts related to the competition, procedures, and changes at the market.  Consider making this information easy to perceive and understand.

Types of Business Reports

There are various types of business reports according to the purpose of the report. The similar feature for them all is the structure that comprises an introduction, a summary, discussion, and a concluding section. Only, in this case, the document will be comprehensive and impactful.

Analytical report

This kind of document should be made up of data and analytics. The writer may interpret information along with responding to somebody who has requested the report. It may be useful for decision making or dealing with a problem. The personal comments of the writer are out of place in the report.

Research and Recommendation Report

In the same way, this report concludes much data, but it also demands the writer's comments and suggestions. The document is often concerned with a certain issue.

There is no need to fear to compose a formal business report. If you are still at the report's title page, remember, facts are the tools that will help you to move forward in writing. Fill it with appropriate data, scrutinize and evaluate to process win-win decisions for your company.