How to Write an Article Review

How to Write an Article Review

Challenges of Writing an Article Review

Writing a review article is aimed at acquainting readers with both critical and general opinions of any provided products (films, books, new places, new services, etc.). An article review assignment is a typical type your instructors want you to complete, so it should be approached seriously. An article review is a piece of writing in which you are supposed to express your opinion about a certain printed item using examples to support your point of view and to choose formal vocabulary since any article review essay is written in the academic style. In this article, you will find some tips on how to do an article review to make it more substantial and well-grounded.

How to Review an Article?

The article answers the question of how to review an article, which a student might ask while getting down to writing a review essay. The structure of the guidelines below allows the readers to find the information they particularly need.

The Definition of an Article Review

A review of an article is a piece of writing written in the academic style; it summarizes the article itself and gives the writers evaluation of it.

Does Writing an Article Review Require Particular Approaches?

  • Since the readers of your review know the subject you are writing on, do not hesitate to use specific terms when you address the key aspects of the area under review analysis. You might be informed by your instructor of the extent to what your target audience is aware of the subject.
  • In a review article, you are supposed to summarize the key points and the author’s views. You should go on now to provide critical evaluation of the article and the contribution of the author to the field of research. An article review consists of two sections the first of which introduces the readers into the article subject matter and acquaints them with the author followed by the critical evaluation section. You should base your critical evaluation on your own knowledge and provide well-grounded reasoning and justification.

An Article Review Format

An article review format depends on the academic style you are supposed to write in. When assigning a task, your instructor gives you all necessary information concerning the style, the number of pages, sources, the number of articles you have to review, etc. Getting acquainted with the requirements as soon as possible will give you a possibility to get additional explanations and answers to the question of how to write a review paper.

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Since you know that you are supposed to follow the academic style, you should adjust your article review to the style requirements paying special attention to in-text citation, sources and reference list formatting. Although there are four commonly used academic styles, MLA and APA article reviews are the most common.

Does a Review Need a Title Page?

The necessity of a title page is conditioned by the style, although you need to ask the instructor for clarifications. You do not need a title page if you are writing a MLA article review while an APA article review format follows the requirements of a general title page.

Structuring an Article Review. How to Make a Review Article Structure Effective?

The structure of an article review follows a generalized format meaning that it consists of the following constituents: a title, an abstract, an introduction followed by a main body and concluded with a summary.

The abstract focuses on the article topicality and rationale, highlights key findings and outlines the general ideas. It is a good idea to provide some background information about the author and the article.

The main body focuses on the article and is structured according to the review purpose. The conclusion reflects your summarized critical evaluation of the article. Creating an article review outline may make the writing process more efficient.

Writing a Review Introduction. What to Start an Article Review from?

You start an article with an introduction. Make sure you follow your teacher’s instructions carefully.

How to write a review introduction? The introduction of an article review begins with the information about the article and the place of publishing. The first sentence is followed by the paragraph highlighting key points and ideas. The concluding paragraph of the introduction provides your evaluation and points out the relevance of the article and its role in the related area of the research. Make sure you demonstrate your knowledge of the subject with which the article is connected.

How to Conclude an Article Review?

The conclusion of any article review whether it is a journal article review or a research article review, should demonstrate the scope of work you have completed. It should show your understanding of all the steps you’ve taken to review an article and the reasons for conducting such work. Make sure you give your opinion on the subject and justify it with supporting examples and evidence.

For more assistance, read as many article review examples as possible to have a clear picture of what you need to produce in the end. Remember that writing an efficient article review is something you can easily cope with making some effort and applying received knowledge.

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